Try To Catch Me

I'm Erin, me and my friend are biker girls that HATE One Direction, we are best friends with the hottest guy in our High-school, Jc Caylen. The only bad part about living in an apartment complex is the people that walk in. Will they steal my heart. Does Jc have a Crush? Will I end up alone. Read to find out about the best and worst few weeks of my life. P.s. I actually met Jc Caylen and One Direction.


1. Introduction

INTRODUCTION: Hey, I'm Erin, Before I continue I should tell you a bit about me. My name is Erin Summers, I have long straight blonde hair and baby blue eyes. I'm 5'8 and I'm a senior in High-school. Friends? Yea I have two, Victoria Barton and Justin Caylen. me and Victoria call him Jc for short. Victoria has long wavy blonde hair with bright green eyes she is 5'9 and a senior as well. Jc has blackish brown hair with a side swept quiff. He has cute chubby cheeks but is still skinny. All the girls fall for him but he he only talks to me and Victoria. He's 5'10 and is a senior just like me and Victoria. I don't have a family. I never had any siblings and my parents both died in a car crash. Victorias parents left her and drove somewhere and never came back so me and Victoria just live all alone together in a small apartment. That's all you need to know about me, oh and one other thing, we HATE One Direction.


AUTHORS NOTE***** I'll update again when this story gets 3 favorites! :)

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