Story of My Life

My name's Lorena.
I'm 16 years old.
This is the Story of My Life.


6. To Eat or Not to Eat

The fist time I starved myself was in 9th grade, while I was dating my ex. That only lasted a few weeks. After we broke up, I starved myself again, that lasted about a month.

The summer between 9th and 10th grade, I starved myself for another month. Throughout 10th grade I would go in and out of eating. I never thought I was skinny. I hate the way I look and I think I look gross and disgusting.

This past summer, I went nearly the whole summer without eating. I starved myself the first month of the school year and every now and then I won't eat. I just feel guilty whenever I do.

I lost 15 pounds this summer. I was 115 at the beginning of summer. When I came back from Cancun, I was 105. When I started school, I was 100. I lost track, I keep going up and down. I'm 5'6". So I'm both tall and skinny for my height. 

I have a huge thigh gap and I hate looking at it and I hate when people tell me I'm skinny because they don't know.

I'm trying to change, but it's hard. It's something I've learned to deal with and there are times where I don't eat. I just don't want people bothering me about it because its MY life and MY body.

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