Story of My Life

My name's Lorena.
I'm 16 years old.
This is the Story of My Life.


2. The Early Years

I was born on Tuesday January 7th, 1997 in Frisco, Texas- a Dallas suburb. I'm Mexican and I speak, read, and write both Spanish and English fluently. I have a mom and a dad who have been happily married for 20 years. I have an older sister who is 20 years old and a junior in college.

Anyway, I had a pretty great childhood in Texas. I had a lot of friends and I was a cheerleader, did gymnastics, and swam. I has happy and I loved living in Texas. I mean seriously, go big or go home y'all. 

When I was 7, in the summer between 1st and 2nd grade, my parents told me we were moving. To Pennsylvania. Naturally, I got up from the table and ran to our little play room and cried. I didn't want to leave this all behind, my friends, my school, my neighborhood, I loved it there and I didn't like the idea of starting over.

In 2004, we made the move to Pennsylvania, where I live now. Honestly, I can't stand living here, and I've learned now that it's because I moved here at such a young age and a lot of bad things have happened to me here at a young age that I don't like it here. In Texas, everyone was so genuine and nice and I was so happy. 

But my Texas years were over and my Pennsylvania years were beginning.

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