Story of My Life

My name's Lorena.
I'm 16 years old.
This is the Story of My Life.


1. An Introduction

So most of you guys know that my name is Lorena.

I'm sixteen years old and a junior in high school.

Yes, the girl on the cover playing the guitar is me.

So many people think my life is so easy and simple and that I live the good life. but let me tell you that it's actually the opposite. If you guys want to read about the roller coaster that is my life, well then read on. If not, then exit out of this page and stop wasting your time, it's as simple as that.


But before we start, for those of you still reading, I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm not writing this or sharing my story because I want attention or because I want people to feel bad about me. I'm just learning how to be more open about myself and let people in.


So enjoy, I guess, idk.

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