Shush my love, lets keep it secret

This is a fiction story any relation with anything is a coincidence.


2. The Letter

When I was fourteen I received a letter from Saint Columbus school for young teenagers. I knew nothing about that school and I certainly had never heard from it in my life so I searched and searched and searched but I couldn't find a thing about that school, as a last resource I asked my parents and they didn't answer they didn't know what that school was about nor have they heard something like that in their lives.

It was mid February and I was about to finish my eight grade at a school called Britain Bilingual institute, as you can imagine it was really weird receiving an acceptance letter from what it seemed to be a ghost school, anyway I did not reply that letter and continued studying for school because the only thing that I had clear on my mind was that I had to be promoted for the next grade so I could have "the brilliant IV League Education I deserved" (mom's exact words when referring to my future). So it was very surprising when on Sunday my parents received a call from the principals office asking for a meeting on Sunday at our house to talk about "Sophie's opportunities in a short future", as you can imagine my mom was thrilled and so was my father, I was a bit surprised and suspicious, all I could do was wait for Sunday to come fast.

When Sunday came the house was perfectly clean, the biscuits my mom maid were exquisite and the tea was served in our finest china all was ready for the principal. Finally he arrived, he sled my parents to send me to my bedroom for the chat they were about to have was only for adults, I went to my room and locked myself in and opened one of my favourite books "Harry Potter; and the sorcerers stone" I lost track of time as I left myself travel to this magical word I had just began chapter 5 when my parents knocked.

I closed my book and opened the door but what I saw was shocking both of my parents facial expressions were blank not even a glimpse of happiness could be seen in their faces, all I could think was expulsion he expelled me , but no that was certainly not the case we went downstairs into the living room where there was no sign of the headmaster and my dad handed me a cup of tee while my mom gave me some of her biscuits certainly something was going on.

Mom was the one who broke the ice she asked me for the acceptance letter I received a week ago and I told her I didn't reply it. Mom and dad looked anxiously at each other and then dad just said it "Sophie darling you know wee love you deeply don't you? And now we've got to let you fly into what we think is your best option and please answer that letter saying that you'll start next fall." And that was it there was no discussion I just wrote the reply letter and went to bed.

On my last day I told myself I was not going to cry but I just did, I cried like a little baby and no hug could cheer me up I knew that was the last day I would ever be around normal kids and that would be the last time I saw my friends and teachers. I couldn't help it soon this last day was going to be what it is just now a memory.

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