Heart Broken

A series of poems that I wrote about a break up and getting over someone!


1. Heart Broken

I look around,

Completely unaware of everything.

For my mind is in the past

Wishing I could just go back.


Back to the happy days,

Where it was all smiles.

Instead here I am, stuck here,

When all I want to do is cry.


If I could hear your laugh one last time,

Maybe it would dry all my tears.

For there is no more happiness,

Not after everything that happened.


Why do I still miss you,

After everything you have done to me?

I should be over you by now,

But I'd still take you back in a heartbeat.


I remember those precious moments we had,

Like your hugs and holding my hand,

And the surprise on my birthday.

Oh, if I could go back to those days.


I wonder if you still think of me,

The way I sometimes think of you.

But I guess this is the final goodbye,

My heart will be broken no more.

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