My Life the Living Hell (for now )

So, you think you life is bad. Then you don't know anything about living a hard life or are you a girl who got abused forced to wake up at 4 in the morning every morning and cook breakfast for your pack, is your dad a drug dealer, is your mom dead to you? did she leave your family for another man a not tell you were a werewolf and randomly come up and try to take you away form the one man that might ever love you. I don't think so. So don't talk to me about having a bad life


3. just running

Micheal P.O.V 

I felt like shit lying to her like that, but I had to if I had accepted her as my mate it would  be war for the packs one of us would have to leave their own pack I couldn't do that to her I loved her so I mind-linked with her I said/thought '' run and don't turn back I will make sure no one finds you then after a day or two I will fake my death to find you, please don't hurt yourself '' she didn't respond and then I felt nothing for her but then it all came back all the emotions and I felt how she had for the years of her life and that's when I realized I love her

                                       Bellas P.O.V 

there was nothing I could do but feel pain as I began to reject him but I couldn't I loved him so I just ran out into the night I ran not caring if any one looked funny at me I loved him  but he wanted to reject me . Finally I couldn't run any more so I shifted in to my human self again  and fell on to the ground not having any idea where I was all I knew was I was as far away from mike as I could take.while thinking of him I fell asleep.

When I woke up I saw nothing but darkness there was almost no light. I herd talking around me saying shit about mates and shit when I could see It was a guy who looked just a tad bit taller then me about 5-10 maybe as quickly as possible turned into a wolf for the 2nd time I herd my wolf inside of me her name is Amiera. She said "you can get out of here just run you will have little if no problem taking the two out" as I tried to move I realized I was chained up to a wall . With all strength I had left I broke free full of adrenalin.


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