Daniel has a secret. It's not one of those secrets that he will die of embarrassment if anyone found out, it's a secret that could kill him. This secrets name is Desdemona. A demon in the form of a 17 year old girl who has ben appointed as the right hand of the devil himself. She has confided in Daniel for help, but for something he can't help her with. Or so he thinks...


18. The Ring

Daniel carried Desdemona into the center of the warehouse and laid her on a metal table that was slowly rusting from age. His wrists and ankles were severely burned, but Andy promised him when he freed him his flaming bounds that he would heal them for him. As he looked at her, he realized how much power she was losing. The first time he saw Mona her power seemed to radiate from her, she glowed with it. But now as she laid unconscious before him, wearing a bright red burn on her neck, the only thing that radiated from her now was pain and utter fear.

"She's still beautiful though. On the outside and inside."

Dan looked up to see Alexandra standing on the opposite side of Mona, looking down at her sympathetically. 

"Is this the errand you had to run?" Dan asked.

She looked up to Dan and smiled softly. "One of many, Daniel Durbin."

Dan turned his gaze back to Mona. "Is there anything I can do to help her?"

"She is still powerful enough to heal herself. But the help of a reaper wouldn't hurt."

"I wish Andy were here to help her, but he's taking care of..things. Or at least he's trying to."

"They love each other you know." Alexandra said. "Andy and Desdemona. They aren't sure of it yet, but they do. Andy will be a very lucky man. The love that she has the ability to give is unlike anything anyone can ever experience."

Dan smiled. "I could imagine that."

"She was certainly right to pick Andy too. He is a wonderful person really, despite what you both may think."

Dan nodded. "Lately I've seen a lot of things that are changing what I believe."

"But Desdemona was wrong about one thing Daniel."

Dan's head snapped up to face Alexandra, who's expression was calm. "You don't have to convince the devil that good powers over evil. You have to convince Desdemona."

"But she already thinks that. Actually, she BELIEVES in that. Strongly.

"Not when she wakes up she won't. What Lucifer did to her was truly awful." She pointed to the burn on her neck. "This is how he got her under his control again. When she wakes up she'll have one thing on her mind: to kill. Show no fear to her. She'll feed off it. Speak to her like you normally would, even though she won't know you she will once you change her heart. Andy is fighting his battles while you must fight your own. The biggest of your life."

Alexandra reached out a clenched hand. "This will offer you my protection. She may hurt you but she may not kill you." As she unclenched her hand she revealed a shining silver ring, that almost burned as bright as the halo over her head.

"Thank you. For everything." As he reached out his hand he realized he was shaking. Alexandra wrapped both her hand gently around his. They were soft and calming, he felt everything you think you would feel when you touch an angel. The touch of her hand immediately gave him strength.

"Don't be afraid Daniel Durbin. She really does love you, and like I said. It's something you never thought you would experience. It brings you both the worst pain you have ever felt, and the greatest joy a mortal can ever experience."

With that Alexandra slowly began to disappear, leaving the ring in Daniels open hand.



"Reaper, I'm only going to ask you this once. What have you done with my demon?" Lucifer said through clenched teeth.

"First of all, she is not YOU'RE demon. She is her OWN demon. And soon she won't be a demon at all. Second of all, I have done nothing. If I did something with her then you wouldn't be seeing me here either."

All the muscles in Lucifer's body relaxed as a smug smile slowly spread across his face. "The human took her didn't he?"

Andy said nothing.

Lucifer laughed. "No matter. She will kill him soon and return to me in no time."

Andy's eyes widened.

"Despite what you believe lover boy Desdemona is nothing but a brainless demon. She knows nothing but her next command and is incapable of love. She could never feel anything for you." Lucifer walked towards Andy. "In fact, the only thing from you she could ever feel is your blood trickling down her arms, as she rips out your throat and every other organ in your body."

Lucifer stopped to stand face to face with Andy. Andy was taller than Lucifer, almost by a whole head. His fists were clenched and jaw was set. Lucifer's plan was working.

"In fact," Lucifer continued, "the only other thing she will pleasure feeling is my tongue down her throat. As we share steamy, hot sex together over your bloody remains."

That was it. Andy let out an angry yell, and swung one of his burning blue hands at Lucifer's face. Lucifer held up his burning red hand and deflected his blow, sending a jolt through Andy's body. As flew through the air, Lucifer crouched on the ground like a cat waiting to pounce. Andy collided with Andy's red car and slid onto the ground. Lucifer was slowly taking demon form, his white teeth becoming long, sharp fangs. He hissed at Andy as his eyes turned an empty yet threatening black. As two long horns protruded from his head his skin turned a bright red. Huge muscles bulged from his body and a tail waved back and forth.

Andy now realized that he was in deep shit.  




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