Daniel has a secret. It's not one of those secrets that he will die of embarrassment if anyone found out, it's a secret that could kill him. This secrets name is Desdemona. A demon in the form of a 17 year old girl who has ben appointed as the right hand of the devil himself. She has confided in Daniel for help, but for something he can't help her with. Or so he thinks...


13. Same Old Mona



"What the heck is a reaper?"

Mona looked nervously to the church. Daniel hadn't noticed it, but it was lightly snowing. The flakes were landing gracefully on top her head and sticking to her hair. When Mona turned to face him he realized that her pupils had gone completely black. He jerked away from her and fell backwards into the snow below him.

"Daniel-" Mona reached for him but he crawled backwards away from her reach.

"No...Sta...don't touch me please."

"Daniel what the hell is your problem?" Mona demanded.

"Your eyes..."

Mona dropped her hand and turned away. "It's the presence of the reapers. They turn black out of respect."


Mona turned around and slowly reached a hand out to help Daniel off the ground. "The reapers are great beings. They guide souls to both heaven and hell. They deserve respect."

Daniel grabbed Mona's hand and with surprising strength she yanked him easily to his feet.

"I'm sorry I flipped out. I guess I should get used to things like that" Daniel laughed.

Mona smiled. "Let's get the hell into the church I'm freezing my tits off."

As Mona walked off to the door Dan smiled. Yep. Same old Mona.

Dan followed Mona up to the door. She held up her hand, it had turned bright red and was shaking from the cold. She pressed it against the white door and closed her eyes. The area on the door around her eyes glowed red as if it was burning. Two symbols burned into the door above and below her hand. The symbol above her hand had smooth edges, and glowed a brilliant silver. The symbol below her hand glowed an event brighter red and the edges were sharp and looked dangerous. Daniel blinked, and he realized that the decaying white church had transformed into a big brilliant stone church. The small white door was now a huge mid evil style wooden door with huge black metal handles.

"How did you do that?" Dan gasped.

"I brought out the true form." When Mona removed her hand from the door and slowly stepped back, the black handle opened the door slowly swung open.

"This is incredible." Dan said.

"Follow me. Stay close. There may be other occupants, and they might not take kindly to us."

Dan followed closely behind Desdemona as she confidently walked into the church.  As she stood in the middle of the entryway, she looked up. Dan couldn't see her expression, but he was guessing that she was waiting for someone to attack. Then, out of no where, Mona let out an enormous inhuman screech. it wasn't painful to hear, it was like a calling. Like when a wolf howls to find its pack. She was trying to find other occupants.

When Mona stopped, the two of them sat in silence. It was only a short while but it felt like forever. Mona turned around to face Daniel, her black eyes looking into his.

"There's nobody here. We're all alone, like I figured we would be. Make yourself comfortable, I'm going to find Andy." She walked past Daniel toward the door.

"How exactly do I do that?"

"I don't know start a novel, take a nap, do SOMETHING."

And with that she walked out. The heavy door shutting behind her.

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