Daniel has a secret. It's not one of those secrets that he will die of embarrassment if anyone found out, it's a secret that could kill him. This secrets name is Desdemona. A demon in the form of a 17 year old girl who has ben appointed as the right hand of the devil himself. She has confided in Daniel for help, but for something he can't help her with. Or so he thinks...


12. Reapers


12. Reapers


"Oh...." Mona stared down to her feet as she spoke. "I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry? It's not your fault that me and my brother didn't get along. We were two completely different people. I put school first, he put partying first and dropped out of high school.

"We should be coming up on the town soon..." Mona muttered as she looked up at  the road ahead.

"This does look familiar." Dan stated as he looked around at the rag tag town that surrounded him. "It feels familiar too. I wonder where Andy lives. Where is the church?"

"Turn right onto Magnolia St."

Daniel obeyed. Soon enough the headlights shined to a sign painted white. The paint was peeling off in some places and the letters looked newly painted in black.

"Our Lady's Church of God. It my not look like much, but I promise you it's one of the safest places on your Earth." Mona assured.

"You keep saying "your world, your earth, what do you mean by that?"

"Surely you know that you are not the only world in the universe."

"Well yeah but I didn't know your kind traveled worlds."

"We don't normally. It's not something we enjoy doing, we like sticking to what we know and we know Human Beings VERY well."

"I see." As Daniel pulled up in front of the church he shut off the engine and got out of the car. He walked over to stand in front of Mona's car door. The church wasn't much at all. It looked like a one room school house painted white with a black shingeled roof. Some of the shingles lay in the front yard as if a storm came through and blew off them off the roof. The front door was white and had a small stained glass window in the door.

As Mona stepped out of the car she spoke; "Dan I can find your brother."


Dan I can find your brother for you if you would like. I owe that to you. He is the only family you have left he is basically all that you have. Your losing everything for me and I want to help you."

'But Mona it's all worth it you said yourself-"

Mona threw her arms around Dan and buried her face into his chest. "Dan, you're incredible."

Daniel awkwardly wrapped his arms around her. "Erm..thanks.."

"You're leaving everything behind for my sake, and for the worlds sake fully aware that you could die and you're not thinking about yourself in the slightest way. I KNEW you were the perfect choice I KNEW it." Mona raised her head and looked up to Dan, her fake blue eyes sparkling with admiration and love. "I'm going to find your brother for you Dan. It's what  I owe to you. You don't deserve any of this hell that you are about to go through."

"Why is it so important to you that you find my brother?"

Mona whimpered as she buried her face into Dan's chest once again. He never thought he would see her like this.

"Mona?" Dan began to gently rub her back in an awkward attempt to soothe her. She wasn't crying, but she was clearly upset about something.

Desdemona kept her face buried in his chest as she answered him. "He's a reaper Danny." She looked up to him, her pupils were getting darker. "That's why the town is so safe. All of the people who live here- are reapers."






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