my cuz and my besty

What would u do if ur cuz and u had one direction staying with u well im amber , amber meadows and I would totally freak .thats what I did when I met them , and now my cuz is going out with one of themI need help


3. bed wars

amber's pov

"well im tied im going sleep night zany night holly , and zany " "yeah " "no tickling holly else I will through away ur hair stuff" I said with hair spray in hand." ok ,ok I WONT TICKLE HER ,GIVE ME THE HAIR SPRAY"by zayn I said running of with the hair spray .as soon as I keft the room he started chasing after me I ran out the frount and ran strait into some one"soz , oh hey Louis. "He gave me a huge hug ."hey amber why were u running ." As soon as he said that as if on Que zayn came bursting out the door with hair every where."Im gonna get u am!"he ran towards me but Louis sprung in froung of me and got a pie in the face instead of me "hey where the pie come from, zayn u are so dead these are my best shoes "Louis whined"aww thx louis for saving me "anything for u babe "louis kissed my cheek .I could feel my cheeks burnig up to I look down letting my hair hide my face . once we had sat down and were had tea we went upstairs ." hey do u guys no what bed wars is " I said piling the mattresses on top of each over . " no ,but u could show us love " Louis said " as I sat down I started to explain. " well we put the mattresses on top of one other and try to push the other people off the bed " " let the games begin " he said dragging me on the bed . a amazing feeling washed over my hand as he held my hand. "bring it on" zany shouted zayn pouncing on the be .little did they no I was the master of tis .I was light but I was strong! "I win " I said in triumph for the millionth time . "how do u do that babe" Louis said trying to stand up "well im strong and ur not "I said sticking out my tongue."oi u to stop ur acting like an old married couple "" shut up mr malick " I said hitting him playfully on the arm.and why don't u all holly said bursting in the door with cucumber slices in her hands

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