Was It Meant To Be

Ally's uncle is a music producer and is getting some new clients. She lives with her uncle because her parents died and she had no one else. She doesnt know when the new clients are coming but she knows they are. Will a heart shattering moment be the day she finds her true love? What will happen to her and her life? What will happen when she gets forgotten?


1. Prolog

So this is my first story on here and Im really nervous about this but who cares. Anyways give me as much correcting as you want. Im hoping for help because my friends say they are good but Im opening my editing to the public. Anyways hope its not to bad.

"What do I have to do for you to listen to what Im trying to say?!" He asks

"I don't want to listen to what you have to say about this!" I shout. I can't believe him!

"But I can't just not talk to it with you! If we don't talk about it it could ruin us!" He replies.

"You know what I don't want this anymore!!! I can't do this not anymore!!!" I shout. What am I doing? Why is this happening!

"No I don't want this to happen!" He says. He's very upset. Im so confused!

Anyways heres the prolog....I hope you liked it if not then I hope I get better. Thanks. Loves yous!!

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