My saviours

When your life gets so dark you try and find someone to help, well these people without even knowing it helped save my life!


1. He is my saviour

He came into my life not when I needed him most but when I could appreciate him most. Our friendship grew and he became my rock, he became the person I went to to help me in times of trouble, the person I knew I could trust even though I do not trust easily. He has become my 'light at the end of the tunnel', he is always there to put a smile on my face and to help if needed although he does not know of all my troubles he knows of one important one in which he chooses to help as much he can.

He has become my best friend and truly was my saviour in my darkest time. Without even knowing the whole story he was able to give me the right advice and company for me to 'fix' myself and get myself out from my own personal hell. Although I am not fully 'fixed' he has allowed me to come up so far that I am able to see things much clearer and positively then before.

He truly is my saviour and he doesn't even know it! I love you so much, thank you for all your help you literally saved my life!

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