The Bully

This is a story about a 15 year old girl with a messed up life, she has been living it hard ever since an important member of her family died. She's bullied terribly , and things happen.. read more to find out.


7. The Scars..

Jessie's POV-
I woke up with a lot of blood on my bed, and I wasn't on my period. Then I remembered what I have done the night before and I just started to cry, realizing I had no one.. No one to talk to, to go to. I felt almost, so tiny.. So hidden.. So ashamed. I washed up and got dressed.. In the same , stained clothes I wore yesterday ..My mom only had money for drugs. Never for me , never for food, clothes, or anything I needed. Not wanted, needed. I paid for myself..finding any job I possibly could. So I slipped my shoes on and walked out the door. When I got to school, I threw my sweater on and hid my wrists and my clothes, hoping no one would make fun of me . In the hallways , I kinda got jumped. They started hitting me, taking my stuff , ripping it ..they stole my sweater, revealing my wrists and my dirty clothing. They laughed at me ..Those evil laughs I never wanted to hear ever again..not in a million years. All it did was taunt me .. Never leaving my side. I shrugged up against a locker as they watched the blood ooze from my now bleeding wrist, and all they did was take pictures to post online of my dirty ugly scars .. I didn't tell anyone, not a single soul. I felt comfortable, only keeping it too myself and not telling the world about my problems. No one cared , I don't know why I was such a joke.. I guess NYHS is harder on new kids or , maybe the little things I do bugs them. In science class, I sat there..Hiding my wrists under my desks. They were tore up, scratched, bloody and anyone that seen them would call me emo or a faggot. After what seemed like forever, the lunch bell rang and I walked alone to the cafeteria. I only had one friend, but she never hung out with me, I don't know why. Maybe she was only pretending to be my friend.. I guess I was just weird. I finally realized I am just gonna be a joke, im never gonna be loved by who I loved the MOST. At the moment in time, I wanted my daddy. Maybe he would understand how I felt. So when I got home, I knew exactly what I was gonna do.. I was gonna find my daddy and move in with him..This made me feel better. Probably because of the thought of someone possibly loving me. That's when a paper ball disrupted my thoughts.. I looked over at a group of girls, laughing at me. So I just kept to myself until I got home. Once I got home, I went on Facebook, and started my search for my daddy. But before I did, I read the comments on my profile picture..
"WHY DO yu tak photos ur so ugly"
"no wunder no one leiks u , ur a fattieee"
That's when I did it, I slit abit too deep...

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