The Bully

This is a story about a 15 year old girl with a messed up life, she has been living it hard ever since an important member of her family died. She's bullied terribly , and things happen.. read more to find out.


4. The Hatred....

Jessie's POV-
I just ran home crying, I couldn't handle the embarrassment on my first day! It was breaking me! I got a text about an hour later saying "Hey, yuu gav meh ur number at school, u there?" I just threw my phone on the side of my table and cried in my pillow. I didn't know where my mom was, at the time I didn't really care. I just let it go and went on my Facebook. All over my wall "Nice fall" , "Dropped it all over you!! HAHAA " "LMS if you want me to put the picture up" "You are such a loser!!" "New kid, maybe you shouldn't come back, uou nerd!" I cried alittle more and wished I had my grandfather to comfort me.. he was always good in these situations.
Jessie's mother came stomping up the stairs and busted into her room high as fuck, "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BEER" She screamed. Jessie shoved her drunken, stoned mother out her door and slammed it shut.. She wasn't doing so well. She took out her phone and texted her friend back.. "Hey.. sorry kinda busy and thinking about what happened" About an hour went by and she didn't reply, so Jessie went to bed.

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