Me And Myself

My twin and I have ran away. I must protect her with my life. My farther is drunken fool. He sexually touches us. He beats us. She's all I have...


1. The promise

Me and my twin Lauren are suffering. We are loners in this world. We weren't supposed to be here perhaps. God did this to us. I'll never forgive a living soul. When we were little, our mum died of a chronic disease. After mum left, so did dad. He became a drunken and he always used to touch Lauren sexually. She tried to run away once but she never made it far. He locks us in the closet at night. We had to learn to sleep while standing up. He made us clean after him and do stuff for him. Just last week, he grabbed her and took her up stairs. I knew what was gonna do to her. I ran after him. I couldn't let that happen to her. The door Slammed in my face. I screamed for him to leave her alone. Then I heard her scream and a window break. I ran down stairs then out side to see her in pain on the floor. She had broken her leg. I ran to her side and hugged my twin harder then ever as a tear ran down my Cheek. ' I promise you that we will run away tomorrow ' I said in a shaky voice.

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