Me And Myself

My twin and I have ran away. I must protect her with my life. My farther is drunken fool. He sexually touches us. He beats us. She's all I have...


4. The job

People stare at us. Our bruises, cuts and how skinny we are. We where alien from everyone else. But with the money I brought a new t-shirt and jeans. Because I had arranged a job interview. But as soon as the employer looked at me he said ' what did you do to your self? ' and I replayed with ' I got beat up sir... ' he briefly ponders at what I said the he says ' do have a talent or any specialties at anything? ' he asked. ' No. Sorry ' I say in shame. ' Look, theres a retirement village that needs carers ' he said sympathetically. 'Really!? Thank you so much ' I felt like hugging him. He told me where to meet him and what time. I couldn't wait to tell Lauren about this!

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