This Is Who I Am

For the Story Of My Life Competition. This story is completely true and may be a bit gruesome but you know... I wont make it too.. bad..


1. Birth ( Info given by Mother)

     My full name is Skydra-Lynn Denise Farmer. I was born on a Tuesday in Odessa, Texas at 11:02 pm, May 12, 1998. My weight was 8 pounds 10 ounces and I was 21 inches long. As soon as my mother and I were released from the hospital, we moved to Seattle, Washington. We stayed there, in a bad neighborhood until I was about 2, where my mom finally caught up with my dad who had been away on business. We packed up all our things and moved away to Raleigh, North Carolina with my great grandparents, due to financial problems and there my mom worked 20 hour shifts to keep up enough money for our family. When I was 5, we moved back home, near where I was born in Odessa, to a little town called Big Spring, where I live now with my grandma. 

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