Mako Mermaids Special

The Mako Mermaids are out to save Mako and find a way to bring back the Pod, but still keep Zac and Rita a mermaid and merman.


1. Going To School

Scene 1

Lyla, Nixie and Sirena all swim in the water, they see lot of sea creatures. They then swim into a cave and then enter Mako.

Rita: How were your swim girls?

Nixie: You have to come with us Aunt Rita?

Sirena: Yeah come on.

Rita: Let’s go. (They all swim out and then the 4 of them swim really fast.)


Scene 2

Lyla, Nixie, Rita and Sirena all sit in the cafe. Evie comes to the table.

Evie: Hey girls and Principle Santos. What should I get you?

Rita: 4 smoothes. I’ll have a strawberry and mango.

Evie: That’s my favourite. I’ll get 4 of them.

Lyla: No it’s fine.

Evie: Cool. (She leaves.)

Rita: I need to go to the bathroom. (Rita leaves.)

Carly: (Carly enters with these books.) Hi, I need help in with my math homework. You guys must be smart. Could you help me?

Nixie: (They all look at each other.) I’ve got this. What’s the question?

Carly: Well, 4x X 5x =50. What is the value of x?

Nixie: Well, before we get to the question, we need to figure out what is x? What is maths? (Everyone looks puzzled.)

Carly: I know what that is.

Nixie: Yeah well I don’t.

Carly: You don’t know maths?

Lyla: (Rita comes out the bathroom and spies on them by watching them.) We do, just not this x rubbish?

Carly: Well what is 5 X 4?

Sirena: Erm, well.

Rita: (She goes to the table.) Is everything alright?

Carly: Yep I just needed help and I thought they would know.

Rita: I can help you maybe after school. The girls are brought up differently. (Lyla, Nixie and Sirena smile and nod. Then Carly leaves.)

Evie: (Evie comes back with their smoothes.) Here they are.

Rita: Actually we need to go now; can we have it to go?

Evie: Sure. (She goes back with the smoothes.)


          Scene 3

Lyla, Nixie, Rita and Sirena all arrive back in the mermaid’s room.

Sirena: That was lucky, we could have been caught.

Rita: That is the thing. We need to have a big discussion.

Lyla: What about?

Rita: Nothing like that. Just let’s sit. (They all sit around the table on the beanbags.) I love having you girls here and I really want to make it work, but it probably won’t. Now the mermaid lessons are over and you all got your Moon Rings. I want you to try something else.

Nixie: What?

Rita: School.

Lyla: Human school, people school, that kind of school.

Rita: This will help you really fit in and you guys do want to stay here longer don’t you.

Lyla: Well only to get rid of Zac’s powers.

Sirena: That only works if he is here but right now he is talking to the Pod, convincing them to let us come back. It’s so cool Evie designed an Application on those Mobile Telephone Devices to track all Pods.

Rita: Anyway. I will teach you all about Maths, English, Science, but you also have to master the basics like writing. I’ll also teach you all about phones and normal human stuff.  

Lyla: Sounds great.

Rita: You will also get something called tests.

Sirena: Its sounds fun.

Lyla: No way, Zac told me all about them, apparently they rip your souls out.

Nixie: Sounds cool.

Rita: Well some people find it hard, so you guys have to work hard. I will get back in to teaching you when I give you a time table. Also when you are completely read you get to go to real school.

Sirena: Oh, I thought we are going to real school. I could have been with David.

Lyla: Someone kill me.

Sirena: Just because Zac liked Evie more doesn’t mean you can make fun of people with relationships.

Lyla: Okay.

Sirena: Okay.

Nixie: Okay.

Rita: Okay! (They all laugh.)


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