One Direction Imagines *Taking Requests*

Taking requests! If you want one just comment name, boy and situation


2. Imagine for Shakra

The door slammed shut and Niall burst into the flat. He looked furious. You had never seen him like this before.

"Niall, what's wrong?" you asked him, slightly nervous. He laughed sarcastically.

"Don't act like you don't know," he spat and threw a magazine at you. You glanced at it and saw a whole story on how you were cheating on him. There was a picture of you with another guy. Looking closer, you realized it was a picture of you with your cousin who had visited you a few weeks ago. You had just gone shopping with him.

"Niall, I know how this looks but trust me, that guy is my cousin."

Niall wasn't listening. He was going upstairs. You ran after him.

"Niall, please listen to me! It isn't what you think." You grabbed his arm to stop him from walking away. "Just listen to me!"

He turned around and glared at you. "I don't want to listen," he said and shoved you off of him. This took you by surprise and you toppled backwards hitting your head on the wall. Niall stormed into the bedroom and slammed the door without checking to see if you were OK. You were on the brink of tears.

Grabbing your phone, you walked out the flat without looking back. You decided to go over to Harry's flat since he was your best friend. When you arrived at his flat you hammered on the door, tears spilling down your face. The door opened at you threw yourself into Harry's arms. He looked pretty surprised.

"Shakra? What happened?" he asked, concerned.

"Niall thinks I cheated on him and I'm pretty sure he hates me," you sobbed. "I didn't cheat. I would never do that but he wouldn't listen to me."

Harry didn't say anything, he just brought you over to sit on the couch.

"Stay there. I'm gonna go talk to him, OK?" he told you. You nodded and he left you to calm down,

Ten minutes later, Harry returned with a very ashamed looking Niall. When he saw you, he looked like he wanted to cry.

"I'll leave you alone," said Harry and left the room. You glared at Niall.

"I'm really sorry, Shakra! I've been really stressed lately and this tipped me over the edge. I should have listened to you."

You tossed your head. "Yes, you should have," you replied. Niall's face fell. You hated seeing him like this.

Slowly you got up off the couch and walked over to you.

"I'll forgive you only if you promise never to do that again," you told him. Niall's face lit up and he nodded in agreement. You couldn't help but smile as he pulled you into a hug.

"Love you," he said.




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