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Hayley is a regular teenage girl entering her last year of high school and she thinks she isn't cute at all. Her best friend Aecia is cute and she kinds of envy her. She trys to defend herself from the high school cutie even though she still thinks she's ugly. Intrude on Hayley's life and laugh with her in her happest times and cry with her in her toughest. I hope you enjoy it :)


1. Chapter 1- First Day

When I walked threw the school door there was nothing but noisy teens. The jocks on one side throwing a boy in the trash bin. The math Nerds were doing some homework on the floor already. The wallflowers were just paying attention to what everyone else was doing. Then there was the five head bitches walking down the hall.


Everyone got out of there way and they did the occasional hair flip. The males just drooled over them including the nerds who stopped working on there homework. They walked out and everybody went back to what they were doing. Then there was me, the in-between girl.


I love school and I was a wallflower when no one noticed me. I was technically the girl who looked like a geek. No super get up, I did not wear any make-up all over my face, braces’ on my teeth, and rectangular glasses.  I am not that girl who would give a male a boner in a second. They say I have a nice body but an ugly face which when I was little I would cry about it but now I would just walk away.


My fav song is American Girl by, Bonnie Makey. I am African American and I love listening to pop. Other than those things, I am just a reg. teenage girl. I walked down the hall and made my way to my class. As I walked in the class, it was in chaos mode.


I took a seat at the front of the class. A couple of people called my U.B., which has been my nickname for 2 years. U.B. stands for Ugly Betty. I got it when I was 15 and it stuck.


“Hey Stranger” Aecia said. We have been friends since 4th grade. She is hot, all the males like her, and girls want to be her. She was previously one of the head b’s but the head of the head b’s dropped her like a dime. They let her go because she still wanted to be my friend. They told her no and she told them to go to hell. They said she was out.


“Stranger danger” I yelled getting up and hugging her. She laughed at my outburst, I took my seat again, and she sat behind me. I turned around and she was looking at some one.


“What did you do this summer?” I asked her. She ignored me as if she did not see me just a second ago.


 “Hello” I said snapping my fingers in her face. She shook her head and looked at me.


“Who were you looking at?” I laughed. She blushed and put her long hair behind her ear.


“No one”


“Liar” I said turning the direction she was looking. There sat on the desk like the rebel he was, was Steven Matthew. He was the cliché bad boy hotty in our school. He was Caucasian, with his blondish blackish hair. He’s rich along with his latest girlfriend which is one of the Head B‘s. They only put her in there because she was dating him.

He drives a BMW. He hooked up with almost every girl in our school. The only people he did not hook up with are the not so cute girls like me. He went out with Aecia for a couple of days until he dropped her.


“Really him, he’s a prick ecia” I told her and she sighed.


“I know but, he was so good-” I cut her off before she could finish by covering her mouth.


“Ewe I don’t want to hear that” I said to her and she pushed my hand off her mouth.


“I didn’t mean that, I was going to say well at kissing, even though he was good at that to.” she said drifting away into memory.


“That’s disgusting,” I said covering my ears and trying to clear my head. I could hear a muffled laugh then all of a sudden it stopped and I could feel someone shake me. I uncovered my ears and found half of the class looking at me.


“Are you finished Ms. Kari” My math teacher asked me. I looked at him and nodded.


“Good as I was saying, Good Morning Class” I slid down in my seat and whispered good morning. Most of the class was laughing at me but, I did not care anymore I was use to the crap they put me through. To another story, let me tell you about my math teacher. My teacher is a sexy middle age man. He has a strong look but, his a softy on the outside. His jaw line is strong and he has an incredible high cheekbones. If he did one of those student teacher things, I would totally be the first to come after him.




After gruesome school (Yes I admit, it was gruesome, I am still human) Aecia and I went to our schools usual spot after school, the pizza parlor. We walked in and sat at the booth.


“So did you talk to M. J.?” I said putting my feet up on the seat and laying my head on the wall.


“Don’t bring up that douche bag,” She said putting her chin on her fist.


“Why? What happened?” I asked her locking into her sad hazel eyes then at the door where the ringing bell went off.


“I really don’t want to talk about it can we switch to another subject” she sighed.


“Sure. How about how good I look in red,” I said pulling out my phone.


“You’re so self sintered even when you thank your ugly,” she said laughing.


“I said I looked good in red I didn’t say my face matches with it,” I said unlocking my phone. She sighed at me, I looked up at her, and I could tell she really did believe I was pretty. I looked back down at my phone and I opened the photos.

 I clicked on the photo and turned it around for her to see it.


“You look cute. Where were you?” she asked me.


“At a ball my mom made me go to” I said turning it back around. All of a sudden, someone snatched the phone in my hand. I looked to see it was none other than my little brother.


“Is this you, you look like a frog bleeding” he laughed. I snatched the phone out of his hand and closed the picture.


“No it wasn’t me, it was your worst nightmare,” I said snapping at him.


“I must be having one now,” he said throwing my feet on the ground and sitting down.


“At least I don’t smell like I’ve been swimming in a sea of crap and trash. What is that awful smell you have on you?” I asked pinching my nose.


“My new cologne grandma bought me,” he said sniffing himself.


“Did you bathe in it? I could smell it before you walked over here,” I said breathing out of my mouth. I heard Aecia laugh. Tyler turned to her and smiled.


“Hey beautiful, how are you” he said smiling and she laughed.


“Hey Tyler, haven’t seen you in an awhile. I can see your still the slimy pig I remember.” she said to him.


“Yea but, I’m your slimy pig,” he said leaning towards her. She backed up and coughed.


“You really should take a shower.” she said waving the air. He frowned and backed up a little.


“Please leave now or I’m going to suffocate,” I said choking on air. He stood up and speed walked out. A couple of people made funny faces or coughed when he walked past them.

I took a deep breath and exhaled it out.


“For a minute I thought I was going to die” I said laughing with her.


“Where’s the waitress, I’m famished.” I said rubbing my stomach.


“The whole school is probably here. It’s going to take awhile.” she said to me. I put my feet back up on the seat.


“I hope it doesn’t take that long,” I said closing my eyes. I heard footsteps but I knew they were walking to the door.


“Hey pretty ladies” I heard but, I tried my best to ignore it.


“What do you want Steven” I heard Aecia say.


“Nothing, can’t I just talk to pretty girls” he said to her.


“No, you’re a little playboy. You can’t talk to girls for ten seconds before all of a sudden there panties are off” I heard her say in a disgusted tone.


“I can’t help that I’m charming” I stiffed a giggle.


“What’s so funny U.B.?” he said lifting my feet and sitting down again but putting my feet in his lap.


“Ooo Nothing, just that you thank your charming” I said opening my eyes.


“You don’t think I’m charming,” he asked rubbing my feet. I could not concentrate until I realized he asked me a question.


“Nope, I think you’re a pig” I said looking into his captivating blue eyes.


“Too bad, I was going to ask you out on a date but, I see you think I’m a pig so I don’t want to ask you anymore,” He said playing the sad card.


“OMG really” -I said to him in a valley girl accent - “I don’t care” I told him giving him a straight look. We looked at each other, he squint his eyes, and I did the same. He threw my feet on the ground and stood up.


“I can have any girl I want I don’t need to have you” he said to me.


“Then why didn’t you go to any of those other girls, o that’s right I don’t give two craps. Will you please dismiss yourself, thank you?” I said putting my feet back up and closing my eyes.


“You’re a true bitch,” he said to me.


“Thank you Slore” I said waving my hand away. I heard him walk away and I heard someone bust out laughing.


“I’ve never seen him try so hard for a girl that was hilarious” I heard Aecia say.


“It felt good to doge him even though he is totally hot” I said smiling.


“I know right and when I saw he was rubbing your feet I thought you would cave in like a little b,” she said to me.


“O no, that wouldn’t be me. I would probably keep fighting until I win,” I said to her and I opened my eyes. She was smiling from ear to ear.


“What do I have something on my face” I asked her checking myself.


“No it’s just that, you know when Steven Matthew doesn’t get what he wants he keep trying after it,” she said placing her hand on the table.


“Which means-?”


“He’ll keep coming after you until he gets you” I sighed and reassured myself.


“I think I can hold him back,” I said to her.


“I believe in you but, the longest to hold back was me and I lasted for a week, so prepare yourself with survival gear,” she said acting as if a gun was in her hand and she shot.


“I have this in the bag,” I said to her turning around and closing my eyes once again.


“Let’s hope so” I heard but, I ignored because I knew I would have it in the bag or would I.

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