Blue Eyes

Lydia just can't stop herself from examining the world around her. She loves watching people get on with their ordinary lives... even if it does mean getting weird looks for this creepy behavior. Lydia hates herself for having such a "famous" staring reputation, yet one day, her staring leaves her discovering a pretty necklace left behind on a class mate's desk. Intrigued, she tries on the necklace and all her problems vanish... until even more problems start occur. **This is on hiatus until I finish my other movellas.**


3. Tudors and Trouble

It’s usually during a particularly boring History lesson when even the simple, every day things become fascinating:

Whilst Miss Gibson showed the class an old, Tudor drawing I couldn't help but stare at the tiny, painted sun and admire how every day, we wake up to see the sunlight, and every night, the moon.

When Miss Gibson yelled at the class, reminding us that we were way behind every other school studying the same topic, I couldn't help but think about how in every school there are different students going on with their everyday lives, and how every student in every class have different thoughts, and different personalities and different problems.

There could be one person trying their hardest to listen to Miss Gibson drone on about the Spanish Armada - desperate to achieve higher grades to please disappointed parents. Another may be wondering what they were going to have dinner that night and whether they were going to manage to fit in football training as well as their pile of homework that evening.

Some people don’t realise how easily their facial expressions give themselves away, and in this particular History lesson I had more or less summed up what most of my class were thinking.

Except Maddy.

Her face was like a blank canvas as she stared directly ahead at the spotless whiteboard. At first I had just assumed that she had completely zoned out from her lack of interest in British history, until I began to notice how frequently her hand moved towards –what I later found out – was her necklace.

I suppose it wouldn’t have been too much of a strange thing to do if she didn’t often wear one and was just overly-anxious about losing it. But it wasn’t the first time I had seen her wear the intricate necklace; on the odd P.E lesson, or when she showed it off to her friends (she would never let them try it on for themselves though).

To my amusement, she moved her hand towards it for the umpteenth time, cradling the charm like an over-protective mother.

It was almost as if she wanted somebody to see it.

“Maddy.” Miss Gibson said, making the class jump from her sudden change in tone.

The girl jolted back into consciousness, flushing red from the sudden attention from all of the class, and sheepishly tucked the silver necklace back underneath her shirt.

“Give,” Miss ordered, holding out a pudgy hand.

‘Sorry Miss I forgot…” she apologised, with an innocent smile. But Miss Gibson’s eyes continued to stare at the charm that was still poking out of the shirt.

“Give it, Maddy,” she repeated.

Maddy’s eyes widened in shock, as if she couldn’t believe that she was actually getting told off, let alone having her prize necklace confiscated.

Well this would be the first.

There was a few moments of silence as the class watched Maddy slowly unclasp the necklace.

I couldn't help but wonder why nobody stood up for her. There was no doubt that Maddy was popular, and it seemed as if everything always went her way; she could talk about anything and easily divert a whole class’ attention towards her; she was a well-known favourite of all teachers and never got into trouble. Yet here she was, being forced to hand in her precious necklace, without even a warning.

Maddy’s face was no longer a blank canvas; her expressions displayed her worry and embarrassment, but more noticeably her confusion at such a bizarre turn of events. The silver chain slipped into Miss Gibson’s palm and not another word was said about it for the rest of the lesson.

The rest of the class seemed to forget about the necklace as the lesson continued, and returned back to their own individual thoughts and problems. But Maddy continued to have the same horrified expression.

She was no longer blushing, but ghostly white – as if she was given a year’s worth of detention rather than just having a necklace confiscated.

To be fair, I knew I would be pretty horrified as well, seeing Miss Gibson inspect my own necklace in her grimy hands. But even so, I had little sympathy for her and I couldn’t help but smirk because for once, nobody was on Maddy’s side.

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