Blue Eyes

Lydia just can't stop herself from examining the world around her. She loves watching people get on with their ordinary lives... even if it does mean getting weird looks for this creepy behavior. Lydia hates herself for having such a "famous" staring reputation, yet one day, her staring leaves her discovering a pretty necklace left behind on a class mate's desk. Intrigued, she tries on the necklace and all her problems vanish... until even more problems start occur. **This is on hiatus until I finish my other movellas.**


1. Eyes and Essays

I’ve given up caring.

 I’ve pretty much given up trying to convince everyone that I am relatively normal. But it gets tiring lying to everyone all the time anyway; I know I’m not a bit like the happy- go-lucky, chatty majority of my class, or even smart and sophisticated like some of the others.

I usually don’t pay attention in lessons, partially because I wouldn’t learn any better even if did pay attention, but it’s mainly because I like people-watching.

The quieter class members are usually the most interesting; a lot of them keep their heads down and try to get on with their work. It’s weird how so many of them have long hair, separating them and their work from their surroundings, like a curtain.  Others try to pipe in occasionally to the nearby conversation, in hope to be included. Their attempts are almost pitiful.

 The louder ones aren’t nearly as interesting – they all seem to look the same, and it is even worse listening in to their conversations when they loudly boast about who slept with who last weekend.

There is one exception though.

Eyes glued to her like magnets, Maddy continued telling her surrounding spectators about her Amazing Time The Other Day as they watched her in admiration. She wasn’t particularly pretty, or charismatic, or smart. Yet for some reason everybody liked her.


Mid-conversation, her eyes glanced away from the ceiling - something she often did when she was thinking what to say - and towards me.


I knew what she was thinking.

My blue eyed, strong stare tends to creep a lot of people out. And it doesn’t help being “famous” for this continuous creepy behaviour.

For a few moments, she stared back, as if she was trying to stare me down. But I’ve given up caring. I didn’t bother pretending that I was staring at the display behind her, or even look away quickly. I held my gaze, until eventually her eyebrows narrowed, and turned back to her group of admirers.

“I want your Macbeth essays in by Friday,” Mr Edwards reminded as the buzzer sounded for the end of lessons. She was followed by a few mumbles of complaint.

Immediately, I pulled my bag over my shoulder and left before the rest of the class had even left their desks

But I still heard somebody mutter,”Did you see her?”

“… Her eyes… they creep me out.”

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