Deja Vu


1. Deja Vu

It feels like im suffocating and drowning in the dark seas
Lost and alone with all those memories
Broken not bent writhing with pain 
Eyes red with sleepless nights once again 
Trust love aand care all gone 
I can't bring it back for anyone,  i know thats wrong 
Hoping for something i dont believe in any more
For someone to come and fix me up but not to break me again like before
It seems like im going mad,  falling and loosing it all 
I thought you'd be my rise but you were just a hollow deep fall
I wish i could,  but i know I'll never be the same 
I live but the purposes seem hollow,  I live in vain 
Its killing me and im bleeding,  aching very bad
I try to cry,  but im out of tears,  i feel worse than just sad
I feel cold empty alone and hollow 
Heart and head filled with disturbing sorrow
Yelling in my head for someone to save me now
Make me believe again,  make me live again somehow
It feels like all the darkness is swallowing me down
I feel so empty,  even with all the crowd around

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