The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


11. The Strange Men

Chapter 11 – The strange Men

The sun began to rise over the hills surrounding Calverley and bounced off the broken shards of glass that lay strewn on the floor, the torn bits of clothing blew in the breeze as water dripped out of broken pipes into large puddles that had formed in the dips in the tarmac.

                Safi woke with a start – she had heard a scream but not just any scream… that of her Mother. She looked up from the spot where she had slept and squinted at the glare from the glass into the bright outside. She heard it again the same blood curdling screech from her Mother she tried to look harder but couldn’t see anything. The sun was too close to the ground as it shone down the streets.

                Ok I have a decision to make here… either result could end badly for me; get up and see what’s going on possibly ruining my hiding place and inviting whatever is out there, in here. Or sit and wait for the sun to rise some more possibly missing what is going on… What if it really is Mum dying out there? But what if it’s a trick?

How could be a trick you idiot unless someone has taken the time to torture your mum and record it or record her voice whilst talking to her it’s not possible. Besides no-one new has visited the Corridors recently and no-one in the Corridors has the technology to manipulate sound so convincingly…

Safi you haven’t been near your mum for at least a day! Someone could have easily visited yesterday.

Good point. Right, now to make the decision.

                Outside 3 groups of people moved into the square as a greying man walked over to an overturned table and flipped it so it stood correctly. Another younger, slimmer man grabbed a chair and sat on it backwards; leaning forward on its back, fixing his eyes on the older gentleman. The rest of the men stood dressed all in black in neat lines. No man changed his weight, no man moved so they could see better. Everyman stood quiet and watching, waiting.

                Safi it looks like something important is happening out there you should really go and check it out. How about staying close towards the right wall? The sun is rising from that side so the glare will stop them seeing you but you’ll be able to see what’s going on... it’s a better idea than any? With that Safi sat up and shuffled over to the right side of the room.

                With her back against the wall she slowly pushed herself up without making a sound just in case they could hear her outside. She then crept along the side of the wall watching carefully what was happening outside. As she got closer to the window she could see what was happening much better, the glare had stopped shining in her face just as she had predicted. Once she finally got to the front window she stopped and watched pressing her face again the cold glass so she could hear what was going on.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the Satanist rise to power!” Oh no, that is not good.

The greying man on the table addressed his audience. All around her the roared with excitement shouting with their deep voices. Safi was encompassed in loud cheers as she stood there stunned.

“And with that rise to power we should take it upon ourselves to get rid of the Pures. For they mock us with their ignorance. They do not honour their Demons like we do, they shun them and hide them away as if a Demon is something to be ashamed of. We shall also get rid of the Green Eyes” Green Eyes? Who are they?

“For the Green Eyes are a disgrace”

“But Sir it’s not their fault they were born without Demons” A young man shouted from the back.

“Shoot him.” Said the greying man stood on a table. No thought about it. No remorse just a straight out order. He didn’t listen to what the man had to say, the man had no trial. Th greying man had no right.

Panic shot across the young man’s face as two men came up behind him and grabbed him under his arms. The young man’s feet dug into the dirt trying to stop the men from moving him. He failed. The two men throw him on the ground as another came from the audience gun in hand and pointed it at the young man’s head. With tears streaming down his face he shouted, begging for forgiveness and mercy.


 His cries for mercy had fallen on deaf ears. He lay there still as the blood seeped from his head onto the dirty cobbled paving. The three men who carried out his execution moved backwards into the sea of still emotionless faces. The bullet through his brain said it all. This man on the table, he was the leader. Even though he was fragile, he was in complete control. Anything he said went. The only emotion to be seen was that on the face of the young boy’s as he sat on his chair looking away from the dead man in Safi’s direction. Can he see me? Oh god please don’t notice. Please just stay there.

“As I was saying the Green Eyes are a disgrace and must also be killed. So to celebrate this momentous occasion we find ourselves here. Executing the first of the Pure’s.”  Again the momentous roars pierced Safi’s ears. The men started putting their hands in the air clapping and punching the air. This blocked Safi’s view she couldn’t see what was going on anymore. The greying man’s horrible face had disappeared.

                After a while the cheering died down and with less cheering came less punching the air. The arms slowly regained their position by the men’s sides. As Safi looked about she saw the greying man still stood on his table but now his expression had changed from a forced smile to a real one. Somehow the latter was creepier. The fact that he was taking pleasure in the thought of murder.

“Let us begin. Bring out the Pures.” He then jumped down off of the table and walked towards the pizzeria where Safi was hiding.

                Oh no that kid told him I was here. He’s coming for me. I’m going to die. Where is the kid that has sent me to my death? Has he gone to hide? I saw how he took the last murder he obviously doesn’t have the stomach for it. But if he doesn’t have the stomach for it why did he nominate me for death? I don’t want to die.

                The man slowly walked forward towards the pizzeria. The men parted for him as he made his way over. Safi slowly walked backwards trying to sink into the shadows. Trying to hide from her imminent death. A tear dribbled down her cheek as she walked into something hard. I’ve reached the end of the room. This is the last place I’ll ever see. This is where I die. These 4 walls are my cage. I should have gone to the pink jewellery store I might have lived there. I might have been able to spend one more night there. Safi looked up expecting to see the greying man there gun pointed at her forehead. Instead she saw nothing. Just the empty room staring back at her. Outside the men stood still, regimented, waiting for their leader.

                Safi gazed outside looked for the grey haired man stood at the door. Again he was not there. Why isn’t he there? He was heading over here. He was heading for the door… Then it hit her. There’s an ally at the side of the building where the men came from. That must be where he went… maybe I won’t die maybe I’ll be ok. But I still can’t find that kid that was on the chair… if he hasn’t handed me in or given away my hiding spot where did he go?

                The grey haired man returned to the square followed by a group of people at gun point. These people weren’t the same as the rest of the men in the square they were in normal clothes instead of all in black. The men in the square we wearing black trousers with lots of pockets in, short sleeved black t-shirts,  had guns over their shoulder and sun-glasses over their eyes. These other people were in jeans and t-shirts, jackets and trainers.

“And here they are. The people who will be the first to die for such a great cause such as ours.”

“Why?” asked a shaking woman.

“Mum” Safi whispered

“Why do we have to die? Why can’t we become one of you? Why can’t we bulk up your cause? More supporters?”

“Well,” The grey haired man began looked at a bit of paper clutched in his wrinkled hand.

“Well, Amy Daemon” Mum… It is you. Please God no. Not her anyone but her…

“You have had your chance to co-operate, and you have been of no use… we were looking for your Pure daughter, and you have provided no useful evidence.”

“That’s because the Monstra took her! Please! I don’t know anything!”

“The thing is Amy, we don’t believe you… it doesn’t look like your daughter was in fact taken by a Monstra because the mirror in her room was not taken, and as we all know; Monstra love shiny things. Just like mirrors.”

“I don’t know why they didn’t take her mirror! They took her Induction dress! That was shiny it has to be a Monstra! Please don’t do this”

“I am bored of this arguing now… you can be the first to die for our cause!”

“I’m the sister of the Creator! He gave you this power!”

“Even more fitting then! Your brother was a weak man; he didn’t have the balls to use the power he had gained. That’s why we had to kill him. He prevented us from using our Demons to their full potentials.”

“It was you? You killed my brother Richard? It was you all along, I thought it was my late husband… I thought he was jealous… that’s why I asked you to... to …”

“That’s why you asked me to ‘bump him off’ in your exact words. Who would have thought a Druggie wanted to kill their husband in front of their only child… you sound like a one of us” Mum? You… you killed Dad?

“Correction of my earlier statement. I don’t want to help you. I don’t want to support you, because I never, ever want to be called a Satanist. You are all sick in the head. You are talking about genocide here… killing all those people for no reason you’re all sick”

“Well that was lovely but like I said I’m bored… so you know are you done complaining?” and with that the grey haired man turned to one of his men and nodded.

                No he can’t do this, he can’t kill mum not now, please God no he can’t… please no what should I do? I have to do something I can’t just stand here… go for the door shout and ask for a trade me for her that’s the only way, quickly do it! Run! Move! Come on legs! Move!

Safi lurched forwards towards the door as the man prepared the gun and raised it to her Mum’s head. She was about to touch the door as a strong cold hand went over her mouth and yanked her backwards. Something cold hit her head. Hard.

Owww! What the hell was that? Why’s everything gone all fuzzy? What’s… what’s... going… on?

Safi collapsed on the floor. As someone grabbed her and lifted her outside and into the front seat of a van. A young man slammed the door as a gunshot echoed around the houses. He ran off in the opposite direction away from Safi’s limp body.

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