The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


18. The Field

Chapter 18 – The Field

“Okay wait here for a minute! No wondering off! Promise?”

“Promise” replied Safi. With that Felix ran off away from Safi and disappearing from view.

Umm ok then…

You don’t deserve him you know. You were horrible to him and he forgave you... He deserves better than you.

Why thank-you.

Umm you’re welcome?

I’m being sarcastic… So who are you and what are you doing in my head? The full truth please. No avoiding the question and no asking me questions.

Fine. My name is Safi Daemon. I was born on the 17th of October 2141 and I live in your head. I am a Demon as you eventually guessed and I am here to survive by any means necessary.

So you’re a Demon.


You were born the day after me.

Effectively yes. I was ‘woken up’ the day after you were born and have remained there ever since, guiding you, hindering you and poisoning your mind.

Poisoning my mind?

Yeh getting rid of friends I didn’t like, making you think you looked ugly when in fact you looked quite pretty and general causing havoc in your mind; confusion, anxiety, depression, anorexia… You know that kind of thing. From my point of view it was quite hilarious. Seeing you freak out and think yourself a horrible person when In fact you’re quite a nice, gentle type of person. You’re just easy to walk all over.

Well it’s going to get a lot tougher for you.

Bring it on. I like a challenge.

One question though,

Go on…

What happens if I die? Do you die to? Do you live on? Do you poison someone else’s mind?

If you die, I die. You are my food source, my entertainment, everything! But if you die you’ll never get to see Felix again. What do you think that’ll be like?

Like hell for him and me.

You are starting to see the full picture. We’re not all bad though.

Of course you aren’t… Go on enlighten me. How on earth are you a nice person?

For one thing, you are not dead yet. For another I was your only friend when your Dad left.

This conversation is over.

Says who?

Says me.

“Felix? Feliiiiixx?! Where are you?” Safi yelled out into the never ending distance, and out of nowhere popped up Felix.

“I’m here, I’m here what’s up are you ok?” His face fresh with concern.

“Yes I’m fine I was just started to get worried I don’t like you going away for too long… I keep thinking you have been attacked”

“I promise I’d never ever leave you” Felix lifted his hand and pushed Safi’s fringe behind her ear and tapped her on their chin. Safi lifted her eyes.

“Come on, it’s time to see one of my favourite places on this god forsaken planet, ready?”

“Ready” Safi said with a wide smile. Felix skipped behind Safi and clamped his hands over her eyes.

“Do you trust me?” He laughed.

“No. No I don’t especially not after you through my in a swim-mingning pool…” They both laughed. Felix led Safi forward and she complied.

“I think swimming pool is the word you are looking for there! Ooh watch that rock”

“Which rock? I can’t see!” Safi through her arms about to emphasis her statement.

“Good point… ok new plan!” Without warning Felix scooped Safi and walked forwards slowly.

“Whenever I’m in your arms I always seem to end up in a weird predicament”

“Like what?” Felix said as they reached the side of what looked like a small forest.

“Like the swimming pool!”

“Oh yeh! I forgot about that…”

“I only mentioned it a minute ago you spoon”

“Spoon? Spoon?! I’ve never heard that one before”

“You’ve never heard of a spoon? You were using one at tea”

“No I know what a spoon is just never heard it an offensive manner before”

“Ooooh that makes more sense”

“You’re so blonde! Now close your eyes we’re almost there!” Safi complied and closed her eyes.

                The air suddenly changed. Wind whipped around their bodies and the humidity they had felt once they entered the mini forest had gone. Felix stood there with Safi cradled in his arms amidst a sea of blue bells. He walked over to a squashed patch of grass and lay Safi down.

“Ok. We’re here. Wait don’t open your eyes just yet. Where do you think we are?”

“I don’t have a clue..”

“Go on guess!”

“Ok are we I a forest clearing?”

“Yeh we are actually”

“Ummm… I don’t know… Can I just open my eyes now?”

“Fine go on” Safi carefully opened her eyes and all around her lay broken Blue Bells that had been stamped down recently. This must’ve been what Felix was doing earlier. Then at the edge of the stamped down circle where thousands of blue bells stood, upright, watching them as they lay. Silently judging them and watching every move they made.

“This is b-beautiful” Safi stuttered.

“I know it is, only the most beautiful place for the most beautiful girl” Felix whispered. Safi’s face flooded with blood and turned her cheeks a violent scarlet. Felix clumsily sat down crossed legged on the ground. He looked up at Safi waiting for her to sit down, but she was too busy glancing about the place.

“You just going to stay up there all evening?”

“Oh yeh sorry!”

                She finally sat down. Her legs twisted round her side and her hand resting on her knees that lay in-front of her and the other propping her up.

                They both turned their heads to look up at the sky. The black sky stretching out above them like a dark canvas, the stars sprinkled like glitter over the night sky. The glow of the moon shining down on their faces. It’s perfect.

                What is? This scene or him?

                Well if it was him I wouldn’t address him as an it.

                Fair enough.

“Ok so you know where I have come from and how I came to be at the pizzeria in Calverley. What about you Safi?”

“Umm well basically I was being forced to have my Induction which I really didn’t want to do, the thought of it scares me and I just-”

“Ok slowly now. Let’s slow down and speak yeh? So I can actually understand what you’re saying”

“Ok I’m sorry I’ll start again. It was the night before my Induction day, I ran away because I didn’t want to do it. Slept rough in some old houses and ran from Monstra. I walked into this old town and was looking for another place to sleep when I came across this old pizzeria. This particular pizzeria had a picture in the front window that happened to be my parents happy and smiling before their break up. I though it an appropriate place to sleep, and in the morning these strange men came into the town and shot this poor guy and shot my Mum. This one guy kept staring at me throughout, I thought he was gonna tell the grey haired man that was shooting everyone that I was here and when something grabbed my mouth I honestly thought I would die. Then you know the rest.”

“Yes. Yes I do.”

“So now you know why I’m here.”

“I guess I do” Felix replied looking at Safi intently. Safi after a minute looked over a gazed into Felix’s eyes. They moved closer together never taking their eyes of one another. Felix lifted his hand to push Safi’s fringe out of her eyes.

“You really are the most beautiful girl I’ve ev-”

“Felix Antitheus and Safi Daemon. I should have known.” Both Safi and Felix’s heads whipped around to see a black silhouette standing above them.

“And who are you?” Felix challenged.

“I am the bloke who is going to escort you out of this town because you broke curfew.”

“How did you know we were here?”

“Because the waiter of the restaurant you ate at saw you walk of in this direction and never saw you walk back before 10 o’clock so he reported it to us because he knew there was no other way out of this particular area because it is fenced off. However he did not know your names, but he was able to give us a very accurate description.”

“Which was?” Safi asked politely

“Cocky 17 year old with short spiky brown hair who is in love with a pretty 16 year old girl with blonde hair. That seems to fit you quite well” Safi looked down at the squashed blue bells.

“You’re really going to drag us out of town?” Felix said as he jumped up.

“Yes. We can’t have rule breakers here Mr Antitheus. This town is for those people who have escaped. They are privileged to make it this far and the least thy can do is get back to their residences on time. And if they can’t do that simple thing then they put us all in danger and therefore they must leave. I’m sorry but that’s the rules.” He said sternly.

“Please? We have no lights on or anything… can’t you leave us with a warning or something? It’s only our second night! I just wanted to show my friend the sights.”

“I’m sorry sir but you can’t stay… let’s go to your place of current residence.”

                Safi looked down and stood up slowly. She held on to Felix’s long white sleeve. The creases where Safi held on extending up his arms. They moved towards the edge of the clearing. Felix’s face looked like he was deep in thought. The policeman followed them with his thumbs hooked through his belt loops.

I looked up at Felix to see if he was going to come up with an amazing plan to get out of this mess. He just looked at me and shrugged. There was nothing we could do.

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