The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


5. The Dress Fitting

Chapter 5 -The Dress Fitting

Safi walked outside the heavy door and found the plump man named Steve waiting for her.

“You ok?” He seemed genuinely concerned for Safi’s wellbeing and sanity.

“Yeh I’m fine I guess” Safi replied glumly. Not like you care.

“Well we better get going then your dress fitting is in 10”

He then stepped aside and moved his arms with a sweeping motion to point in the direction they were about to head; like a butler would do for his Queen. After the completion of this pompous action he turned his balding head in Safi’s direction to see whether she understood his implication for her to go first and that he was trying to cheer her up. You have to admit he’s trying, and it was quite funny, I just don’t want him to know that I found it so. He could tell in Safi’s eyes that she had thought the gesture humorous but she didn’t want to show her feelings just yet – after all in his mind she had only just recovered from fainting. He didn’t say anything; he just stayed in his position as she gently edged forwards. After a few seconds her steps seemed to become strides but Steve and his little gesture had not gone un-appreciated, he could tell this because Safi stood a little bit closer to him than she normally did.

                Safi’s arms stayed folded as they walked down the Corridor past 50 plain heavy doors, but this time there were children about playing clapping games they had made up or playing on replica Gameboys. The noise level had also increased because of this, the steady rhythm of the clapping accompanied by the techno bleeping riff, soothed Safi’s nerves. It was the most relaxing tune ever but it was the one of home and comfort and this was all that she needed.

                                The claps and bleeps accompanied all the way and when they reached the green doors Safi’s expression changed suddenly – a huge beam spread across her face. She looked like a young child in a sweet shop. This is because a green door signified a shop of some sort but to tell what shop it was you had to go to the door and read the sign on it, however if you had grown up here, like Safi had, you would know the location of each shop like that back of your hand before you were 7 because this was where everything was bought, from clothes to food, from small plant pots to pieces of paper, it was also the place you would come to chat with friends and catch up and the place you would come to get your weekly work rota to help the Corridors running.

                Everyone had a job in the Corridors from the age of 18 – 70 because it was the only way the place would keep running. Men usually went downstairs to the boiler room to help heat the Corridors and light them. Women would usually clean each individual room and run errands for their families. Boys under the age of 25 were sent out to kill on Monstra in the area just to keep the neighbouring towns and Corridors safe. Unfortunately everyone got paid the same apart from shopkeepers who had to venture outside for their goods and Monstra hunters who got paid more if they brought back a Monstra head as proof of killing, this meant that buying things was hard because shopkeepers wanted more for the goods they had risked their lives to get but people just couldn’t afford to buy them.

                Safi and Steve wandered just a bit further to the end shop where the dressmaker was, and like every other door in the dreary Corridor it was a large one that was bolted most of the time. Steve leant forward and knocked on the door and before his hand had even left the door it swung open revealing the elegant shop within. As Safi stepped over the threshold a strange scent tickled her nose and she let out a humungous sneeze.

“You alright there darlin’ ” Said the dressmaker as she swooped around the shop looking for the dress.

“Yes thank-you” Safi returned out of habit. No-one said ‘bless you’ anymore because in most people’s eyes God didn’t exist; that he had abandoned them many years ago to deal with the atrocities that had developed. In their eyes if God existed why would he make them suffer so?  In their eyes God had retired to the Bahamas with Santa Claus.

                “Aha! Here it is I couldn’t remember whether I put it away according to your first or last name! Silly me! Anyway here you go!” the dressmaker pulled out a long, elegant, strapless dress and handed it too Safi. For a minute Safi forgot where she was, she was too mesmerized by the dress.

“Do you want to take it off me and try it on? Or would you just like to stand there studying it for a bit longer?” the dressmaker asked sarcastically.

“Umm... where’s the changing room please?”

“Just round the corner darlin’ ”

“Thanks” Safi then carefully took the dress and stumbled into the changing room, where she hung it up and looked at it for a few minutes more. As she studied it she looked and the pure white netted skirt dazzling with baby blue crystals, she then followed there pattern up the corset top where the beautiful baby blue sequined patterned continued round to her right side and into a swirl around the bust. She stood there stunned.

As she put it on she could not imagine what it would look like on her because she couldn’t imagine such a beautiful thing adorning her. But as she wriggled into it and looked up into the mirror her self-confidence rose just a bit to make her feel comfortable and happy with it. Her long blonde, curled hair lay on her shoulders and she thought she looked nice for one of the first times in her life. Ok Safi you look nice you just need to smile even though this dress symbolizes everything you hate, it is pretty. Come on take a few steps it’ll be fine. She wandered out of the changing room and down the hall to where Steve had been making light conversation with the dressmaker. She stumbled in and they both froze. Oh no they don’t like it. I look frumpy don’t I? I knew it… right turn around and run back before anyone else walks in and see’s you looking so hideous.

“Oh darlin’ you look amazing” said the dressmaker holding out her arms as if she was soaking up the dresses beauty. Safi turned back and looked shocked. Did she really just say I looked ‘stunning’ no-one has called me that before, apart from Mum but that doesn’t really count.

“I agree you look wonderful!” Steve managed to force out of his stunned mouth.

“Thank-you” Safi said nodding her head, but she still didn’t fully believe them. The dressmaker then ran out the room with such force she nearly knocked both Safi and Steve to the floor. Safi took this as a bad sign…

“She doesn’t like it does she?”

“No, no! She said she you looked amazing! Why would she lie?” Replied Steve taken aback at Safi’s words. I can think of multiple reasons.

“So she could make a sale?”

“Now darlin’ why would I do that?” Said the dressmaker in the doorway holding a small cardboard box

“Umm…” You have to admit that was good timing on her part.

“To right ‘Umm’ I just went to get something for you because I didn’t think you would have any shoes or accessories to go with it! Free of charge I just think you look so beautiful!”

“Thank-you! That’s really kind of you and I’m sorry I judged so quickly”

“It’s fine darlin’! Here” She handed the box to Safi and she quickly looked inside it to show her gratitude.

“Orr they’re beautiful thank-you so much” Safi said after a quick glance.

“It’s ok! Now down to business, oh Safi you can go get changed dear while I discuss price with your Dad”

“He’s not my Dad!” Safi blurted out before she could stop herself

“Sorry, I meant he is just married to Mum otherwise we’re of no genetic relation” She recovered quickly. Good save – he’s paying here.

“Well whatever he is to you I need to discuss price with him so off you go!”

Safi then left before she could make a fool of herself anymore.

                After taking her time to get changed Safi wandered back down to where Steve was as slowly as she could just so she didn’t have to face anymore humility so quickly.

“Aaah there you are! I was starting to think you were taking your time deliberately” Steve grumbled as the dress was taken off of her and zipped into a bag.

“There you are darlin’! Enjoy and have a good Induction day!”

“Thank-you…” Safi said glumly.

“Let’s get going then!” and with that they left the dressmakers and returned down the winding Corridors to Safi’s room.

“Thank-you very much Steve it’s beautiful!”

“You’re welcome! Your lunch will arrive soon but if you feel like joining us for once that would be good?”

“No its ok I want to get some rest I didn’t sleep particularly well last night”

“As you wish” Then Safi was on her own outside her room with a dress in hand. She felt like collapsing right there and then. She had this beautiful dress and within a few hours it would be left here along with the rest of her belongings. Then Safi remembered; Monstra like pretty shiny things like these creatures her grandparents told her about ‘Magpies’ or something like that. She then knew that she could take the dress with her, the one thing that made her feel nice could come with her to the outside world and her new future. She smiled for the first time in a few weeks and pushed open the heavy door that stood between her and her bed.


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