The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


7. The Door

Chapter 7 – The Door

Safi picked up her old battered bag and walked out of the door. She didn’t shut it because she wanted to make it look like the work of a Monstra not like she had left of her own accord. She took a final glance then ran off down the Corridor to the kitchens.

                She had only been into the kitchen once before when she wanted to make a cake for her Mum before some sort of weird rationing was introduced on cake supplies. Safi sneaked in and looked around the long room. The table tops were glinting in the light of her torch she glanced about for any food she could grab. She then started to panic because there was no food left out that she could take without people noticing it had gone; until she remembered something she had overheard the other day. ‘No-one ever knows how many boxes of cereal we have we just grow so many boxes full we can’t keep track!’ and that was her answer. She wandered about and found the correct cupboard she took 2 boxes of cereal before swiftly leaving.

                She ran as quietly as she could along the Corridor passed her room, where she paused to glance back in and say her final goodbye to the room she had known since she fled her home. It feels weird to be leaving my home of so many years and never coming back. But if it saves me from a fate I did not want, then surely it was a good thing? It doesn’t feel like a good thing.

                She then carried on along the Corridors towards the ‘Final Door’. It was called this because it was quite literally the final door before the outside world – the place in which you could not turn back. The door that so many young men walk out of each day and which so many never saw again. It is the final door some ever see before death. There final glance of home.

She passed her Mothers room.  She paused. She longed to burst in tell her mum the whole plan apologise and go back to the comforts of her bed. But if she did that, she would have to go through with the Induction as well.

                She left before she could change her mind. Changing her mind was the last thing she could do now. Not after so many weeks of planning could she not go through with it. Having to live with bringing shame on her family’s name. If anything it would drive her into depression and suicide. She knew no-one wanted that. Then she arrived.

                The Final Door loomed over her. It’s striking red colour warning people that this wasn’t the shop to the bakery – but the one to the outside world. She examined the door and looked for the handle. She had seen the groups of men always wandering cautiously towards the door but never stopped to look at how they opened it. The designers of the Corridors wanted to make the outside door easy to get out if the Monstra had managed to get in another way but not easy enough for a child to do it by accident or for a dare.

Panic ran down her spine. How would she get out? Would she indeed have to give up and face her induction? Then she saw it a key pad. She shuffled forwards, thinking this was way too easy, one 4 digit code to get out of the most secure door in the Corridors? A she reached the keypad she noticed how hard it actually was. Not a simple four digit number code but a six lettered one instead. Nothing was ever straight forward in this place. She tried to do something she had seen on an old American ‘cop’ show where the person did something fancy with a UV light to tell which buttons had been pressed the most. Unfortunately that’s not something she carried round with her on a daily basis. So she decided to drop her heavy bags off of her shoulders and onto the floor. She sank to the ground thinking her only chance of escaping and she had fallen at the first hurdle. She sat for a while trying to think back to all the times she had seen the men exit the Corridors – what did they do to get out? Had any accidently let it slip the code? Then she remembered. Her Dad designed the Corridors but they always talked even when he and her mum had split up every spare moment she would spend with him. He always used to sing to her before she went to bed as a young child. It was a really weird song but was memorable;


If you love someone,

But you have to let them go,

Even if it’s away from you.

If you need a shoulder to cry on,


I Will Be There For You


It was the song he used to comfort her when she thought to hard about the divorce – that he loved her Mum and always will. He just had to let her go because she had found someone better. It broke his heart to do so but there was nothing he could do. He always knew that she was his true love because he believed the first time he laid eyes on her; he knew she was the one for him. But that wasn’t much help right now. There was lots of letters in that and the code was only six long. So there was no way it was that.

 After sitting there for what felt like hours, Safi could see the sunlight seep through the gaps in the door and spread its way in front of her. She stood up and started to head back to her room when she stopped. Her face crumpled up in deep thought. She turned on her heel and headed straight for the key pad.

“I will be there for you” she recited under her breath. It had to be that last line because her father always said it to her. Their late night chats talking about Demons and what Safi would do if her Dad ever left her side. Run away. That was always the answer, no doubt about it. Her father understood that Demons where scary things and that the process of Vocans was a scary thing to someone so young but he always comforted her with the same line ‘I will be there for you’. But he’s not here. Not anymore. Then it hit her like a brick in the face. ‘I’ she pressed in, ‘W’ the beginning of ‘Will’, ‘B’ the beginning of ‘Be’. Then ‘T’, ‘F’ and ‘Y’. The blinking red light flicked to green and the door opened a fraction letting in a strong gust of warm autumn air she let the door grind open as she ducked underneath it and ran off over the hill.

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