The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


16. The Bed

Chapter 16 – The Bed

Safi jumped out the van and slammed the doors behind her. She made her way into the kitchen of Jai’s house and into the Living room.

“Safi I’m sorry for assuming it was rude of me”

“It’s fine honestly, I don’t blame you” Safi said as she passed the sofa.

“This is the first place that has actually felt like home these last 7 years, the Corridors have always been so clinical and horrible I hated them. This house makes it feel like it used to be. Before we had to worry about Monstra and before we had to move underground.”

“Well I’m glad me and Marie have been able to make you feel so at home” So that’s her name, Marie. It is a beautiful name.

“Thank-you for letting us stay”

“Our pleasure, now I’m guessing you’ll be wanting these little glass discs back.”

“Yes thankyou!” Safi held out her hand to receive the contacts

“Here you go then” Jai tipped the lenses into Safi’s hand and retracted his arm with speed. They stood there for a moment or two letting the silence surround them. This is getting awkward go and see Felix that will avoid any more awkwardness.

“I’m going to wake up Felix he promised he would show me around this beautiful town and we could go for lunch”

“Sounds lovely I’ll let you go then”

“Thanks again for the contacts” Safi said as she walked towards the stairs.

“It’s fine” Jai replied as Safi made her way up the stairs. She walked along the landing and made it to the bedroom she and Felix were sharing. In the palm of her hand lay the contacts, glassy and blue staring up at her. Go on put them in! Freak Felix out a bit; see how long it takes him to notice. Safi balanced a lens on the tip of her forefinger and poked the lens into her eye and repeated it with the other. She blinked numerous times to get her eyes used to the lenses and pushed open the door gently.

                There on the bed amongst a tower of quilts lay Felix fast asleep.

“Felix” Safi whispered. Nothing.

“Feeelix” Safi said a bit louder. Nothing. Jump on the bed that’ll wake him up.

That’s mean!

                I don’t care! Does it affect you in any way? No. It’ll just scare him.

                Still mean.

                Go on you know you want to! Suddenly Safi lurched forwards 2 paces and jumped onto the bed landing cross legged beside Felix.

“WoooOooh” Felix murmured as he rolled sideways off of the bed and onto the floor with a loud thump.

“Ow” he squeaked.

“Is everything alright up there?” Jai shouted from downstairs on the sofa.

“Yeh everything’s fine – Felix just fell out of bed like the clever kid he is” Safi shouted back. There was no reply on fits of laughter emanating from downstairs. Followed by a thump of its own. Jai has gone and fallen off the sofa hasn’t he?

“Jai you alright?” Safi shouted. Again fits of laughter replied. Yes. Yes he did.

“So what was that for?” Felix said as he perched his head on the side of the bed looking up and Safi.

“Well why not? It made me and Jai laugh”

“Jai laughs at anything so don’t give yourself too big a pat on the back”

“Don’t you worry I won’t!” Felix stood up the bed sheets forming a twisted robe around his torso. He sat on the bed carefully leaning his back against the headboard.

“You said we could go for a walk and lunch and its almost 11:30!”

“Really?” Felix whispered, shocked at the lateness of the time.

“I’m sorry we’ll go for tea instead it’ll be much nicer I promise” He held out his arms inviting Safi into a warm embrace. Safi crawled over to Felix and leaned onto his chest as his arms wrapped tightly around her shoulders. Safi felt so warm and safe she closed her eyes for a minute to take in the moment. She slowly opened her heavy eyes. God I feel like I’ve been asleep or something… it’s only been a minute or so though!

“You alright sleepy head?” Felix whispered.

“What? I’ve only closed my eyes for a few minutes…?”

“More like a few hours you dozed off!”

“Really? I don’t believe you!”

“Look at the time” Safi looked over and sure enough there on the clock it read 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

“Oh wow, ummm what did you do while I dozed off?”

“Well at first I thought about waking you, then I decided against and I watched you sleep for a bit… which sounds weird but you’re pretty when you sleep. I dozed off myself after a while though”

“ So how was your sleep then?” Safi began as she leaned her head back onto his collar bone and looked up into his eyes.

“Well brown eyes” He said playfully.

“It was very relaxing and I have caught up on all the sleep I have lost by driving us about at night. What about you? And why didn’t you rollover and say good morning earlier on? Why did you go downstairs to the van and proceed to make my best friend extremely confused and angry?”

“Why not! It has been a productive morning!” She looked up into Felix’s kind, brown eyes and carried on.

“No, I was actually making sure we had everything in the van neat and tidy and easy to find in case we needed to make a quick escape for any particular reason.”

“Good thinking Brown Eyes”

“Thank-you! Now can you teach me how to get these contacts out? I don’t want to break the contacts or poke myself in the eye and blind myself or something idiotic like that”

“You won’t blind yourself”

“You obviously do not know me particularly well then.”

“Obviously not!” He sat up and sat crossed legged next to Safi. She turned and did the same. He lent in close and brought his hand up to Safi’s eyes again.

“Look into my eyes again”

“I thought you were teaching me how to do it? And this isn’t some sort of weird hypnosis is it?”

“No course not! And for now I think it is just easier if I do it” With great trust Safi let him poke out the contact lenses from her eyes and let them sit on the palm of his hand.

“See quick and easy no fuss and no blinding of girls”

“Good good, as long as there is no blinding of girls we are ok.” Safi replied. Felix turned and brushed the lenses onto the table. He returned to sitting crossed legged on the bed.

“So Brown Eyes I obviously don’t know you particularly well so tell me about yourself?”

“What do you want to know?”

“Favourite colour?”

“Blue like the sky on a summers day. You?”

“Green like freshly cut grass”

“There’s no longer any grass to cut?”

“Well if there was it would be that colour. What about favourite animal?”

“I quite liked these lizards we learnt about in school called Chameleons; they blend with their surroundings”

“Really? That pretty cool. Like camouflage?”

“Yeh I suppose so… You?”

“I don’t really know any cool ones like yours”

“Doesn’t have to be cool just your favourite”

“Ok then horses, the big muscle ones that did all the pulling of canal boats and things in the Victorian era, not the little delicate ones of the Windsor era” Safi laughed.

“Of course your favourite animal is going to be an animal that does a lot of hard work and is all muscular like yourself”

“Haha you’re calling me muscly that’s a first”

“What you’ve never been called that before?”

“Well next to all the guys that work for my Dad, I look like a fairy princess but thanks” He blushed

“Orr my best friend the fairy princess”

“Quite. Favourite time of year?”

“Xylo Day, everything seems to be forgotten, everyone seems to be nice to everyone else and it’s a beautiful time of year; old fashioned fairy lights dangling from houses not switched on, little fires in jars with holes poked in the lids so the never blew out in the wind. Oh and the snow! The snow is beautiful. Xylo Day makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside” There was a pause as Safi drifted off into a world of deep thought. Felix clicked in front of her face to drag Safi back to reality.

“Sorry what oh yes, um you?”

“I think mine has to be the same”

“Really?! Since when?”

“Since two minutes ago when you described it so beautifully. In my house we always celebrated it the new way, you know celebrating Xylo and all that jazz”

“We always did it the old fashioned way I never understood why it was Xylo Day and no longer Christmas”

“Because of your Uncle I’m assuming you remember when your Uncle’s birthday was?”

“Yes the 25th of December”


“Oh my gosh I have never noticed that before!”

“As if you didn’t realise that? You’re as blonde as you look”

“Thank-you” Safi said as she looked down.

“I’m sorry” Felix said resting his forehead against hers.

“It’s fine I’m used to it”

“Look at me” Felix whispered gently. Safi complied and lifted her head up so their eyes met and their noses and foreheads still touched one another.

“You are really beautiful you know that”

“Even in dirty jeans?” Whispered Safi.

“Even in dirty jeans.” Safi blushed.

“Well I suppose I should get these dirty jeans off. Have you got something to change into? Because people will look at us funny if we go out in the same things we arrived in”

“No not up here in the van I do though”


“Shall I escort my lady downstairs to pick something more suitable?” Felix spoke in a horrendously bad posh accent.

“One would be rather grateful for it if one did escort one down” Imitated Safi.

“Then I shall take you on that walk I promised and if I think of any more questions I shall ask”

“Sounds excellent” Felix stood up on the bed and offered Safi his hand. Safi took the offer and inelegantly hoisted herself up off the bed. Felix stepped down onto the floor and turned and guided Safi’s hands to his shoulders and put his own hands on her waist. With one swift movement he lifted Safi up with ease and placed her on the floor.

“Why thank-you” Safi said as she grabbed hold of his hand again and led him downstairs. They made their way to the van through the living room where Jai and Marie sat curled up on the sofa together watching the clouds move about outside, talking in hushed tones. You can tell why they fell in love, they have complete trust in one another and know exactly what the other means when they speak. They don’t have to speak, they can just be with each other and can tell the other is there and that they care.

                Who are you talking about here, Marie and Jai or you and Felix?

                Shut up you. I’m talking about Marie and Jai.

                You sure?

                Not really no.

                Safi and Felix reached the van and pulled open a door each still holding one another’s hand.

“Wow this is neat, you’ve done a god job Brown Eyes”

“Thank-you, right so if you grab what you want to wear and take it back upstairs to get changed and I’ll get changed in the van, and I’ll meet you outside the front door in 10?”

“You grab your stuff and go upstairs I’ll get changed in the van”

“You sure?”

“Of course I’m sure Safi, go on. I’ll see you in 10” Without argument Safi grabbed her clothes and rushed upstairs.

                She shut the curtains and got changed as fast as she could. She then nipped into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She was ready 10 minutes early.

“That took a shorter amount of time than I originally thought... Might as well go downstairs and wait” Safi wandered down the stairs passed Marie and Jai and toward the front door.

“You two love birds going for that walk then?” Jai said sarcastically.

“We’re aren’t going out, but yes.”

“Really?” Marie said.

“Me and Jai were just talking about how much Felix likes you. The way his eyes watch you as you walk about the place, how he sticks up for you when you’re are accused of something. You can tell he really likes you”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. Safi I have known that kid since he was born he has never looked at someone the same way he looks at you. He’s a nice lad just born to the wrong family. As soon as he knew I was gone he tried to work out where I was. I’d left clues that only he would understand. He told no-one where I was when he worked it out, he just used the information to contact me and we have talked ever since. He was only 6 when I left his Father’s movement. He was angry at first and didn’t understand why I had left but he matured quickly. A year later he understood the inner workings of his Father’s organisation completely and told me everything in case I ever wanted to help bring his Dad down. He cares about the minorities and he cares about you.”

“You know that for a fact?”

“I know that I have only seen that kid focused so intently on one thing only once before; and that was bringing down the Satanists without getting caught”

“I know that something like that would scare you dear” Began Marie, “But he does really like you”

“He maybe even loves you” Jai interjected.

“Yes maybe he does, but love has to be reciprocated. If you wait too long to find out how you feel he’ll get bored and move on. If you like him to, and I’m not saying if you love him, hold onto him”

“He’s a keeper!” Jai joked. Marie turned and playfully hit him on the nose.

“You know where I am if you want to talk dear. Girl to girl”

“Thank-you Marie”

“Anytime my dear, now I’ll let you go I’m sure Felix is waiting outside for you by now”

“Oh gosh yeh! I forgot about that! Thanks! See you later on then!”

“Remember curfew for this town is 10 o’clock make sure you’re back by then or you’ll get kicked out for good”

“Ok I will” Safi reached for the door knob but the door swung open before she could touch it.

“You ready to go?” Felix said as he stood in the door frame dressed in smart black trousers, a long sleeve white shirt and simple black tie.

“You look nice! And of course” Safi said as she grabbed onto Felix’s hand.

“Let’s go then!” he said leading her out the door and grabbing the door knob with the other.

At the last minute before the door completely closed he poked his head round the door and mouthed ‘Thank-you’ at Marie and Jai. They both nodded and gestured for him to go. He smiled. The door clicked shut.

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