Saving Faith

Austin is an eighteen year old trouble maker, who has been in and out of foster homes and detention centers. He smokes, has tattoos, but has one foster sister; Faith that means the world to him. She is eleven years old and loves life and everything in it. What happens when the one person that Austin holds near and dear to his heart gets abducted?


1. Free At Last

The creek of the cell door wakes him.

"You’re free to go Mr. Black." The officer says. Austin jumps down from the top of the rusty metal bed.

"It’s about time." Austin said as he gathers his things into his old red backpack.

"Trust me kid, by the looks of it I’ll be seeing you around again" said the officer.

"Listen George…"Austin says as the officer cuts him off.

"Hey!" yells the officer.

"Fine…officer. I’m changed." Austin says sarcastically.

The officer laughs. "Keep dreaming kid".

Austin walks through the halls like he has done several times before. He swings open the doors and goes done several sets of stairs. A cold breeze seeps through his red plaid shirt as he leaves the detention center. It’s like a breath of fresh air to be out of that old musty room. Austin has been in the detention center for about 2 weeks and he can't wait to get home to see his eleven year old sister Faith. She has been part of his life for about 3 years, it's the longest he has been in the same foster home. Usually he's in a foster home for about 2 weeks; But this time he has a reason to stay, his sister.

Once out of the detention center, Austin decided to go for a little walk before he goes home. With the money that he has in his bag, he goes to a little corner store and buys a drink. With that in hand and paid for he leaves the store and makes his way home. On the way there, he sees one of his good friends Derek.

"Well look who it is, glad you're out man!" Derek said walking over to Austin.

"Yeah dude, it was horrible, I'm just glad I'm out." Austin replied while knuckle touching his friend.

"There's a party at 11 tonight, you down? Its at my place." Derek said with the biggest smile on his face.

"Nah man, got to get home." Austin replies walking away from Derek.

"Yeah whatever,  see you around I guess." Austin hears Derek faintly say.

Three miles several turns along the way he walks onto the same familiar porch of the 3 story beige house. Walking through the door, the sweet smell of vanilla fills his nose. He walks into the kitchen to find his foster mother Beth baking some cookies.

"Nice to see you home again, Faith wouldn't stop asking where you were." Beth says while putting down the spoon she had in her hand and walking over to Austin. She gives him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Ma, can I talk to you about something?" Austin says while pulling a chair out from the table and sitting down.

"Of course, what about?" she says with a look of concern on her face.

"I want to change mom, I want to stop doing bad things, I want to set a good example for Faith so she doesn't follow in my foot steps." he replies.

"Well, you need to stop making bad decisions, and get your life together. To start off quit smoking, next stop drinking, partying, stealing, and every other bad thing you do Austin. Now I am not going to give you a lecture on what you need to do. You are seventeen; almost an adult. Now i know your father will be home in a few hours, so go take a shower and go say hi to your sister, she wont stop asking where you are." Beth says and continues to make the dough for the cookies. Austin gets up from his seat and walks upstairs to the bathroom. After taking a shower and getting dressed, he makes his way to his sister's room. 

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