I'm tired of this. I have to dissapear.

I made my way to the park and hang myself in my favourite tree. Goodbye world, I thaughted.
"HEY! Stop!" Someone yelled. It was a blond haired boy with blue eyes.


1. Don't listen

My name is April Jones. In school I'm bullied and I've got a horrible life. My biggest dream is to find someone who loves my truly. I've been manupilated many times and I'm tired of trying to don't listen. Every night I'm laying in bed and wondering if that good ending everyone is supposed to have is coming. And with that I'm thinking what if I wasn't meant to be born? That God made a mistake and now trying to take me away from the earth. All the time I'm trying to tell my self that it will get better, but I'm not sure. I've lived like this in nine years now. I'm nineteen, so since I was ten I've been bullied.

I got out from bed and checked the clock. On my mobile I had thirteen tweets fron diffrent persons, even strangers who's saying things like "Whore", "Slut", "Go and die", and so on. Maybe that's what I should do. Go and die.

The time was 02.45 am. I walked out of my house and to the place where's the only place that I can be myself at. The wonderful flowers and the wind blowing in the summernight. I hang a rope in my favourite tree and put it around my neck. Now is the time. Now I'm making God happy. I kocked the stone that I stood on away and felt that I couldn't breath.

"HEY! Stop!" Someone yelled. I just ignored it and tryed to concentrate. A boy came to me. He had blond hair and blue eyes. I smiled. "Th-k y-" Was the obly thing I could say but I meant it. Thank him for being the most beautiful person I've ever met as the last person I ever saw. He took of the rope and caressed the marks from it. "Babe, why did you do it?" He said with a sad face. "Be-Becuse.." I bursted into tears. "Shush baby, come on. Let's take you home. Where do you live?" He said sweetly. "No. No, no, no. Never. They will kill me." I said. "Let me take you home to me." He said nicely. "O-ok." I said. He took me up bridestyle and carried me home to his place.


Hey! What do you think about the first chapter?

T, xx

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