Save Action

What will you do when you're friends were kidnapped after a really fun party? Well Kiki and Rikki will search for them on their own..


2. chapter two

Rikki's POV;

The show is over, I'm actually happy I went with her here! "OMG it was so amazing" Sophie screams in my ear. "You do not have to yell at me, i'm standing right here" I say. "Sorry, we must go to that door, it's backstage" We walk to the door and show the security guy our backstage passes. "Everything is ok, come with me." He says. We walk with him and must wait in an big room for One Direction. "Jeez Soph relax" I say. "Sorry, but it's One Direction." I start laughing. "What?" "Nothing, nothing" I say still laughing. "You think i'm an idiot." "Yes, but I love you" I laugh. "Hahaha, you call me an idiot, remember that time in class when you couldn't stop laughing and after a few minutes you laid on the ground still laughing. Nobody knew why you where laughing!" Soph says and start laughing with me. "That was just funny!" "But why did you laugh?" "A bird flew against the window and nobody knew only me!" And I start laughing again together with Sophie. "Okay, it's funny, but you have a weird sense of humor!" Then we hear both the door and 5 boys and 2 other girls walk in the room. "These girls couldn't find it." Says the security guy who walked with them and leaves again. "Hi, I'm Rikki" I say to the 2 girls. "Ieuw does she talk to us ?" One of the girls asks. "Ieuw, she will ruin my chance with Harry Styles!" The other one says. Both give me a filthy face. "Wow bad ass!" I say laughing. "Why do you laugh, bitch?" One of the girls asks. "Well it's quite funny that you girls think you're better than everybody else!" I answer serious. "And I think they heard everything you girls just said" says Sophie quiet. "THEY?" I shout. "Yeaa" "Who are they?" I go on. "Uhm One Direction, slut" one of the girls says. They think they are cool jeez some girls are terrible. I turn around and see One Direction who are looking weird at us. Immidiately the two girls goes to them. "Hi I'm Jessica" says the girl who calls me slut. "And I'm Kayla" says the other one. "Hi" Niall says to them. "Does Niall talk to us, ieuw he doesn't belong in One Direction!" Jessica says. "So he's Niall?" I ask. "Yup" says Sophie. then it was quiet for a while. "Well this is awkward" I say. "Uhm yea so uhm.. Well I'm uhm Sophie." She says. I sat on the couch next to Niall and one of the other boys sat next to me. "Hi" I say awkward to him. "Hi, i'm Louis, you're Rikki right ?" He asks. "Yup that's me" "You know Niall already and that's Zayn, Harry and Liam." I see that the Jessica girl was with Harry, the Kayla girl with Zayn and Soph with Liam, well ectually Liam with Soph, because she was already on the couch. I'm happy for her she likes Liam the most. And Harry but I don't think Harry needs to think about that, he has enough problems with Jessica. "Niall I don't think you must take it really serious, Jessica is just an uhm awful little creep. And I think she thinks a bit to good of herself." I say to him. "Thanks Rikki but I hear it a lot from girls." "Well then I don't think they are really fans right ?" "Yeah you're probebly right, thanks" he says. "Probebly?" I ask. "Fine you're right" he says and start laughing. "Are you a fan?" Louis asks. "Uhm well not really, i just came here for her" I say and point to Sophie. "Ahh that explains a lot" Louis says. "Yeah I know.." I say. We talk about everything about the fans, the concerts and about themself. I don't tell much about myself, how much they want that. We take some pictures with everybody, except Jessica and Kayla, they took their own pictures. They are really cool guys. Me and Niall have a lot in common expecially about food but also me and Louis. "I'm hungry" I say. "It's half past 11" says Louis. "So ?" I ask. Apparently Jessica and Kayla, well actually everybody heard it. "I don't think it's weird that you're so fat!" Says Jessica. "I'm not so fat" I say. "No she isn't!" Liam says. "Ohh yes she is, why do you else think that she isn't in a dress and on high heels?" Kayla asks. "Well that's maybe because I don't really like dresses and high heels.." I say. "I don't believe you you're just fat." Jessica says while she's trying to kiss Harry. "Well at least i'm not an attention seeker." I say to her. "I'm not!" She says angry and Louis start laughing. "She's not an attention seeker!" Screams Kayla. "Jeez keep calm" Sophie says. "Ohh Harry call me, we gotta go." Says Jessica. "Yea Zayn call me !" Says Kayla. They say bye to Liam and Louis and then they leave after they give me, Soph and Niall a filthy face. "Well that was interesting." I say. "Yeah but Rikki we must go now" says Sophie. "Okay, well i'm still hungry" I say and cross my arms. "You can eat at your house" answers Sophie. "Okay, well bye then!" "Wait Rikki can we have your number ?" Louis asks. "Uhm yeah sure" I say. I give Niall and Louis my number and Soph and I leave.

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