Save Action

What will you do when you're friends were kidnapped after a really fun party? Well Kiki and Rikki will search for them on their own..


1. chapter one

Rikki's POV;

So tonight is the night where i waited for, well ectually not. I'm only going for Sophie. I grab my back from the table and hurried to my car. I drive to Sophie's house. Sophie is my best friend since we were 4. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket.

'Hi Rikki feeling tonight ? :D'

'Sure, i'm on my way'

'Cool cya soon'

After the last text, I drive in her street.

'I'm here'

Then i see her running to my car. "OMG i'm so excited !" She says. "Yeaah i know me too" I say a bit to sarcastic. "You don't have to lie, I know you don't like One Direction as much as I do and you don't have time to fangirl." yup tonight was the One Direction concert and she has tickets for the first row and we're going backstage. I'm only going cause i'm her best friend and she wanted me with her. "Sorry, I don't hate them I just don't really like them." I say to her when I was driving to the mall. "Yea I know, but i'm still happy you're going with me." She says laughing. "But I still want you to look nice, so we're going to buy something beautiful for tonight" After a few more minutes we arrive at the mall.

We walk immidiately to our favorite shop, and look for the perfect outfit, well ectually she does and i'm just waiting till she finishes. "Rik, come here, this is per - fect" she says. I must not lie it was not a bad outfit, I'm happy that it isn't something special. "Sure I will try it on" I say. "And I try this dress." Again I must admit that it's a beautiful dress. We buy the cloths and walk out of the shop. "I want to buy some heels, who fit with my dress." Sophie says. "Sure, I think I will do it with some sneakers." I say smiling. "Whatever you want." She laughs.

It's 4 pm. We're eating pizza on the couch and Sophie shows me some funny moments of One Direction, but when I eat I don't really pay attention. "Shit we got to hurry!" Sophie shouts. "We still have an hour." I say. " yes but I think i'm just ready in an hour!" She says a bit stressed. "Ok whatever" i say and walk to my room. I see that Sophie is getting a bit nervous. We change our clothes and I put on some mascara. She put some mascara and lipgloss. "We look good girl!" She smiles. "Absolutely" I say. I was dressed simple just skinny jeans a cool shirt and a jacket with my sneakers. Sophie had a beautiful light pink dress with some high heels. Her dress fit beautiful with her straight brown hair. But I think my outfit fits also with my curly blond hair.

We jump in the car and drive, it's not so far, just 10 minutes. "Who is your favorite after all the funny moments and pictures I showed you ?" Sophie asks. "Hmm I don't know.." I say. "You never really paid attention right?" She says with a face that she already knows the answer. "Sorry!" I laugh. "Who is your favorite?" I ask. "Uhm i think Liam or Harry." "Cool".

We drive to the parking area. Lock the car and walk to the building. "How many people do you think are coming?" I ask Soph. "I don't know, a lot !" We walk to the ticket control and let check our bags. Then we walk inside. There are screaming girls everywhere. "OMG are they always like this?" I say. "Well not all the fans, some are normal.." She answers serious but then she starts laughing. We buy our drinks and go to our seat. "I'm happy that everybody has their own seat" Sophie says. "Jeez yea otherwise our seat would be gone.."

After an hour, the crowd gets crazy. "Why is everybody screaming?" I ask. But then i get my answer. 5 Boys come on stage and start singing. After the first song the curly one start talking. "Hello London !"

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