1. Someone

Could someone anyone take away my pain 
Heal me fill me but not to break me again 
Could someone anyone make me happy once more 
But not just to make me cry so much just like all the times before 
Could someone anyone fill the hole I have within 
Cause I'm tired and broken I might just give in 
Could someon anyone show me the light 
I need to see the point and ge reason behind being right 
Could someone anyone fix me up 
I can't figure out whats wrong,  all i know is I've gad enough 
Could someone anyone truely love me for who I am 
I want to believe in myself once more, but I doubt if I can 
Could someone anyone take my tears away 
I'm tired of pretending to be all happy and gay 
Could someone anyone heal the wounds of my past
Because they burn and bleed I need to heal fast 
Could someone anyone make all the memories go 
I'm sick of the mornings when I have to remind myself about all that I have to accept and know 
Could someone anyone bring me back to life
Everything around just cuts me killing me bit by bit like a sharp silver knife

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