Sweet Love (The third book)



21. twenty-one

"Why the fuck did y'all bring him?" I angrily asked the three idiots in front of me. They just looked at the ground and stayed silent. "Well?" I asked starting to get impatiant. "We just thought y'all should talk it out... we didn't know you'd be this mad at him..." Calum said bearly audible. "Well you thought wrong and you could at least have given me a heads up." The boys stayed quiet. "Alli he's extremely sad ever since you kicked him out of your house, just talk to him." Luke said looking me straight in the eyes. "No." I snapped, giving him a death glare. "Allison... for me?" Michael suddenly said and I sighed. "You're lucky you're my best friend." I mumbled, walking outside to find Ash leaning against the wall. "Meet me at Starbucks, tommorow at 8. No one has to know we're meeting up and you'll get one chance to explain yourself. If you fuck it up we will never speak again. Got it?" I said emotionless and for some weird reason Ashton started to smile. "I'll be there." He told me as he walked away, smiling like an idiot.

"Don't tell anyone I'm meeting up with him tomorrow." I whispered to Michael, Calum and Luke who all nodded. Michael swung an arm over my shoulder and we all walked back inside. "BABBYYSSS!" Louis yelled, causing me to giggle. "Hey where's Ash?" Harry asked and that's where the giggling stopped. "He's sick, mate." Luke said and everyone nodded. "I'LL GET THE CUPCAKES!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "ALLISON, FUCKING STOP YELLING I WILL PUNCH YOU!" Claire yelled before the both of us errupted in laughter. I walked into the kitchen and got the cupcakes, letting them cool off on the kitchen table and walked back in. "I'M BACK BITCHES!" I -once again- yelled. "Okay that's it." Claire mumbled before tackling me to the floor and tickling me. I started screaming and crying, let's just say... I'm so ticklish it's not normal anymore.

Once she was finally done I stayed on the ground, litterally crying. "C'mon babe, get up." Niall chuckled and I shook my head no. "I will never, ever get up ever again." I said and Claire started giggling. "I see you're still as ticklish as ever." I glared at her before closing my eyes. "Shut up and let me sleep." I mumbled. "You're not sleeping on the ground, Alli." Louis chuckled and I flipped him off. "Yes I am." I mumbled before someone picked me up, I didn't know who it was because my eyes were closed but he smelled amazing. "You smell good, don't let go of me." I mumbled into his chest and he chuckled. "Oh so I don't smell good?" Niall asked and you could hear by his voice he pretended to be hurt. "You smell amazing Niall, don't worry." I was actually really sleepy.

"She sounds really sleepy, I'm going to bring her to bed." Wait. I know that voice. "Oh shit." I said before turning and falling out of his arms, falling face first to the floor. "What's wrong love?" My mouth his the floor ones I saw I was right. "N-nothing L-Liam." I stuttered, getting back up. "Shit Alli, you're nose is bleeding." Claire said pointing at my nose. "Eww, ew, ew, ew, get it off of me, ew." I said refering to the blood. It's not like I think blood is the most disgusting thing in the world and I don't mind if it's on my body but once it's on my face I will go insane. Louis shot up and got me a warm cloth, holding it against my bleeding nose and after about five minutes it stopped bleeding. "Guys I'm tired." I whined. "Y'all can sleep on the couch, Claire is coming with me. That means Zayn get your filthy arm off of her." I said acting all protective and stuff. I hugged everyone goodnight and gave them all a peck on the cheek before turning to Niall. "Goodnight princess." He said, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Goodnight." I told him, kissing his soft lips until Louis coughed and I pulled back and giggled, pecking his lips one last time before me and Claire walked up to my room and slowly fell asleep. 

As soon as I heard my alarm clock go of I turned it off, hoping Claire didn't wake up. I glanced over to see she was still asleep. I'm glad she is such a deep sleeper. I had washed my hair the previous day so in the shower I only washed my body, I also brushed my teeth in the shower and got out, drying my body and holding the towel tightly against my body before quietly walking towards my walk-in closet, picking out an outfit.

I decided to go for some black high waisted shorts, a tie dye shirt, my white converse and my black bag. I threw my hair up in a ponytail and aplied a little make-up. I threw on my grey zip up hoody, leaving it open and walked out of my room quietly.

I threw my bag over my shoulder and took my phone, walking down the stairs, praying the boys weren't awake yet. Lucky for me, they weren't. I glanced at my phone to see I was just in time. I got into my white range rover and drove towards Starbucks. 

Walking into Starbucks I already saw Ashton. He smiled at me and we ordered our drinks, sitting down once we got them. "Talk." I told him coldly and he sighed. "Allison I'm sorry, I really am. I don't know why I snapped at you but I know that I shouldn't have and I'm sorry. I just didn't want you getting hurt..." I took a sip from my coffee and sighed. "Ash don't worry, I won't." I assured him and he looked me straight in the eyes. "That's what you said last time, Alli... and you ended up moving from England to Australia... I just don't want you to be hurt like that again and I have a feeling Niall's going to hurt you..." He looked down and I sighed again, placing my hand on his hand which was placed on the table. I caressed his hand with my thumb. "Ash I'll be okay." I assured him, my voice suddenly sweet and soft. "I'm sorry, Alli." He whispered as he looked at our hands. "Ash it's okay. I wouldn't want you getting hurt either..." My voice also a whisper. Ashton turned to me and hugged me. We said nothing for a while, we just sat there, hugging. When my phone buzzed. I opened up my phone to see I had a text. 

From: Michael -
Al everyone woke up and they're worried about where you are, what do me and the boys tell them?

To: Michael -
Tell them I texted you this morning saying I was out to get coffee for everyone, I'll be right home.

I put my phone back into the pocket of my vest. "I have to go, Ash. I'll text you, okay?" He nodded slowly and I ordered coffee for everyone, knowing I couldn't come back without any. I put the coffee's down on the table Ashton was standing next to and rested my hands on his shoulder, standing on the tip of my toes and conecting my lips on his cheeks, just next to the corner of his mouth where they stayed for about three seconds. "Bye Ashton." I whispered, taking the coffee's and walking out of Starbucks.

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