Sweet Love (The third book)



12. twelve

Niall's POV

"Guys I need her..." I whispered and Louis stood up, looking at me extremely mad. "Are you fucking serious Niall!? YOU CHEATED ON HER! YOU BROKE HER HEART! DO YOU HAVE ANY FUCKING IDEA HOW HARD SHE CRIED OVER YOU! CALUM TOLD ME SHE DIDN'T COME OUT OF BED AND WHEN THEY WERE OVER ALL SHE DID WAS BE SAD AND CRY! YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FUCKING RIGHT TO SAY YOU NEED HER RIGHT NOW!" He suddenly yelled at me. "You don't understand, Lou..." I whispered and now he seemed furious. "NO NIALL YOU DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND FUCKING LEAVE ME AND MY NIECE ALONE BEFORE I FUCKING BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!" He yelled before storming out of the house.

Me and the boys were all speachless. Lou never was like this. "I'm with Lou on this one Niall... I've never seen anyone as sad as her in my whole life..." Zayn whispered before walking out of the house, leaving me with Harry and Liam. I burried my head in my hands and sobbed quietly.

Allison's POV

Me and Demi decided to go to the mall and just hang out. Multiple girls came screamed and came up to us, asking for pictures and autgraphs which we happily gave them, before following them on twitter. "We'll talk to y'all later, bye." I said with a sweet smile before we walked on. "OH MY GOD ALLISON!? I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER!" I heard a fermiliar voice yell. My eyes widened before I turned around with this huge smile on my face.

"CLAIRE!?" I yelled running into her arms, hugging her tightly. Claire was one of my best and only friends in high school and I missed her to death. "I thought I'd never see you again!" She said and I giggled. "Well you did!" I joked before hugging her once again. "But I'm here with my other friends, here's my number, we should hang out sometime!" She cheered handing me a piece of paper. "I'd like that alot." I said with a sweet smile before hugging her one last time and walking back to Demi. 

"Sorry, I just haven't seen her in such a long time." I said and she gave me an understanding smile. "I'd do the same thing." She giggled and I smiled at her before we cotinued shopping. 


We were finally done shopping when we bumped into three idiots. "What are you doing here, loser?" Michael joked before hugginh me. I giggled and hugged him back. "I could ask you the same thing, douchebag." He chuckled and hugged me. I hugged the ther boys. "WHERE'S LUCKEY!?" I yelled causing everyone to laugh.

"I'm serious where is he, if he's not here I'm going to cry and not speak to you again for leaving him out and I'll probably sue you for being meanies." I said completely serious and they threw their hands up in defeat. "He's right there." Calum said pointing behind him, towards a icecream shop where he was standing in line, bussy picking out an ice cream flavour. "Hold my bags." I ordered as I handed Ashton all my bags. 

"LUCKEY!" I yelled running upto him. He looked up and turned towards me. He smiled widely and opened his arms. I jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around him. "I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Luke said spinning me around. He put me down. "And one strawberry flavoured one, please." He said. The lady looked at both of us and smiled. "You two are such a cute couple." She said and I felt my cheeks heat up. "He's not my boyfriend." I giggled. "Yet." I heard Michael say through a cough. Causing Luke's cheeks to turn red as I just laughed.

The lady chuckled and handed us two cones. One strawberry and one chocolate. Luke suddenly licked MY ice cream causing me to gasp. "You did not jus- Demi did you just see that?" I said and Demi giggled. "You're so weird sometimes." She laughed and all the boys agreed with her. I faked to be hurt and they all laughed.

I quickly licked Luke's ice cream. "You don't even like chcolate." He chuckled. "First of all- that doesn't matter it was payback and second of all- awww you remembered." He shook his head and chuckled. "Well me and Demi are going back to my place to wach movies or something, wanna come with?" I asked them. "If it's okay with Demi becaue I choose her over you guys, sorry not sorry." I said and they all chuckled. "Yeah it's fine with me, sounds like it'd be really fun." I smiled at Demi and the boys nodded before we walked towards my car. 

"Guys I only have three seets in my car left why do you always walk." I sighed and they just chuckled. "I'll drive and you can sit on Lukeys lap." Demi giggled and I glared at her. "B-but he plays guitar and I'm into drummers." I pouted pointing at Ashton causing everyone to errupt in laughter.

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