Sweet Love (The third book)



13. thirteen

I eventually ended up on Michael's lap which was the biggest mistake because that little fucker wont stop tickling me. "I'm so close to pounching you right now." I snapped, extremely annoyed. He threw his hands up in defeat and I smirked, shaking my head. "DEMI THIS IS YOU'RE SONG TURN IT THE FUCK UP!" I yelled once I heard Give Your Heart A Break. She giggled and turned up the volume and since I'm the insane lovatic I am I sang along loudly. 

"I hate you, you sing my song better than me." She said jokingly with a giggle. "Haha trust me. I do not sing your song better than you." I giggled and she just giggled and shook her head. "DEMI DEMI DEMI THIS IS MY SONG SKFHDJJF!" I yelled, hearing shouldn't come back. "I like this radio station." I said with a proud smile. They all chuckled and I sang along. 

We sat on my couch when my phone rang and Emblem3's sunset blvd blasted through the house. "God, how bad I want to meet Emblem3." I breathed out picking up the phone, not looking at the ID. "Hello?" 
"Hey gurrrlllll."
"We need to hang bro."
"Sure thing girlie, but I'll text you I'm going to watch a movie with some losers. RIGHT MICHAEL!?"
"Yeah, whatever."
"Kay girly ttyl."

I sighed and jumped on the couch. "What are we watching?" I asked as I stuffed my face with popcorn. "White chicks." They said all at the same time. "I looovvvveeee that movie." I said as I ate a spoonfull of ice cream. "Aha now I know why you and Niall felll for eachother, you both eat like pigs." Calum said laughing. The tears were already briming in the corner of my eyes. I looked down at my feet and tried to blink the tears away but failed. "Oh shit Alli, sorry." He said and I smiled at him weakly. "It's okay..." I whispered even though my voice was supposed to come out strong. 

All of them wrapped their arms around me, hugging me tight. "We're hanging out tommorrow." Ashton said and I nodded. "Okay drummer boy." I breathed out and everyone pulled away. "So, how late?" Calum and Michael asked at the same time. "Guys, they mean together, the two of them, alone." Luke said facepalming himself and the other boys turned a deep shade of red. I giggled and hugged them. "We'll hang out another time." I said pecking both their cheeks before sitting back down and turning on the movie.

I cuddled up with Demi because boys are stupid and hey, a girl sometimes just needs to cuddle with one of her best friends. Calum was cuddled up with Michael and Luke was cuddled up with Luke, I swear these boys are different... 

"Allison, will you marry me?" Michael asked dramatically after I asked them if we could play video games, I giggled. "Where's my ring?" I asked, jokingly offcourse. He just stood up and pouted. "Aww Mickey, I still love you." I said pecking his cheek. "Really? You just said no to my proposal and all I get is a peck on the cheek?" He said sassy. I giggled and pecked his lips. "Better?" I said with a slight giggle and he nodded. 

The rest of the boys all got on one knee now. "Will you marry me?" They said all at the same time, causing me to giggle. I said no and pecked them all on the lips quickly until I got to Ashton. I pecked his lips and was about to pull back when he put a hand behind my head and started to kiss me. So I did the only thing I could think of...

I kissed him back.

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