Sweet Love (The third book)



16. sixteen

I couldn't help but giggle a little as I shook his hand. "I'm Allison." I told him and he smiled. "You're really beautiful, Allison." He said and I blushed a little. "Would you like to go out with me?" He asked blushing slightly and I nodded. "I'd like that." I told him with a smile. "Go get ready, we're leaving soon." He said with a grin on his face. I giggled and told him to wait in the car. I quickly showered and dried my hair and body. I quickly glanced at the clock to see it was now 9:38 in the morning. I sighed and brushed my teeth before putting on some make-up, picking out a casual outfit.


I decided to put on a random pair of high waisted shorts and a black crop top. You could only see my stomach if I put my arms up. I slid on my floral vans and put on my silver cros necklace. I took a random black bag and put basically everything you put in a bag in the bag. I threw my hair up in a messy bun and put on my sunglasses before running back downstairs. "Where are you going?" Everyone asked I blushed. "I have a date." I told them. I kissed Demi's cheek and hugged all of the boys quickly before running towards the door. "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING, I TRUST YOU!" I yelled before walking out the door to see Niall behind the steering weel on his phone. I giggled and climbed into the car. 

Niall looked up from his phone and smiled at me. I smiled back at him and he started the car and drove of. "Where are we going?" I asked Niall with a chuckle. "The themepark, I know how much you love theme parks." He told me and I just smiled at him. "You look extremely beautifull by the way." He said, and I looked at him. He was  blushing slightly and I giggled. "Thanks Nialler."

*Skipping car ride* 

Niall helped me out of the car and I smiled at him. "Thanks." I said blushing a little and he smiled. "Everything for.. my princess...." He mumbled the last part and I hugged him tight. "You're still my prince, you know..." I whispered in his ear and felt him smile. I tapped his nose and he chuckled as we walked into the themepark. 

"Oh my God it's Niall and Allison!" We heard someone yell, followed by screams. "Great..." Me and Niall mumbled at the same time. 

"May I have a picture with you?"
"Can I please have your autograph?"
"Will you follow me on twitter?"
"Can I have a kiss?"

More and more questions were asked and offcourse we agreed, kissing cheeks, taking pictures, handing out autographs and following people on twitter. "I'm sorry guys but me and Alli are going now. We'll see you at the end of the day, maybe." He said and we waved them goodbye. 

"Let's go in there!" Niall basically yelled pointing at one of the biggest rollercoasters I had ever seen. "I don't know..." I mumbled and Niall chuckled and freaking threw me over his shoulder walking towards the line. "Niall put me down, oh my God." I giggled and people looked at us and smiled as if we were cute little puppies or something. "Niall put me down or I'm gonna cry." I whined and he chuckled. "Okay princess." He said putting me down, still holding my waist. We were staring into eachothers eyes and he slowly inched closer. Our lips almost meeting when...

"I'm sorry to interrupt but the line is moving." Me and Niall turned a bright shade of red and quickly moved further in line, looking down at the ground. RIP to that moment...

"Niall I'm scared I wanna go back." I said, panicking. "Calm down  Alli, plus we can't go back anymore now we're already in the damn rollercoaster." He said laughing. I grabbed his hand and held it for dear life, screaming as we sped and rode down and into loops. It finally came to a stop and Niall and I got out. "That was awesome!" I squealed jumping up and down. He chuckled and we continued our day. 


"Niall I'm hungryyyy." I whined like a child, me and Niall have been walking around for hours and I just want food. Niall laughed at my tone and I playfully pushed him and we came to this food place thingy. Niall and I just bought the biggest bag of popcorn I have ever seen. We ate it and after a while I saw Niall staring at me. "What?" I giggled and he blushed. "You're just really beautiful." He said with a half smile. "That was so cheesy, Ni." I giggled, throwing some popcorn at him. "You did not just throw popcorn at me." He said with sas as he snapped his fingers. "But I did." I told him throwing some more at him. He smirked and than started throwing popcorn at me. So yeah... popcorn fight. 

We went into more rides until it was getting really late and the themepark was going to close. We walked towards the exit but it'll take a while since we were at the other side of the themepark. Niall grabbed my hands and intertwined our fingers. I missed this feeling, these butterflies. I just looked at our hands and smiled as we walked towards his car. 

We finally arrived at my house but I just sat in the car. "I had a great time, Niall. Thank you for that." I said with a sweet smile. He smiled back at me and I smiled one last time before I walked out of the car. I'm falling for him all over again... I was almost at my doorstep when I turned around and walked back to the car. Niall got out and looked at me. I hugged him tight. "I forgot this." I whispered and pressed my lips against his. 

He kissed back instantly and our lips moved in sync. The sparks and butterflies erupted as his tongue slid over my lower lip. I opened my mouth slightly and our tongues fought for a while. I slowly pulled back and rested my forehead against his, just smiling like an idiot. 

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