The names Ella

Ella and her friend Jazmin go to a one direction concert and get back stage pass because Jazmin is naills sister, they talk to the band and they end up being asked to hang out with them after the concert but what will happen when they play truth or dare and Ella's secret and the boys secret spills?! Read to find out.


6. Meeting them


i decided to take a walk though the forest to get the one direction boys off my mind for a wwhile and by a walk I actually mean a human walk not a werewolf walk 

i entered the deep forest and jut started walking, most people wouldn't walk through here but I'm not human I'm A FRIGGEN AWESOME WEREWOLF! (Bitches, had to add it lol) I had been walking for about half an hour and of course I knew I was being watched then I got tackled by a werewolf and another one was watching I managed to get out from under the werewolf and wolf up, the werewolves backed up as I was bigger than them and stronger because they are not  as old as me ( like I've been werewolf longer than them)

" what are your names?" I asked

" I am Angelica but people/ werewolves call me Angel" said a small gray wolf

"and I am Destiny" A small brown wolf said, we all changed back onto human form and exchanged phone numbers then wolfed up and ran in our own directions.




i heard a knock on the door and ran downstairs and opened it to see the boys 

" come guys" I said to them as they were just standing there.

" Where's Ella bella?" Niall asked

" she went out for a walk in the woods but she hasn't been back for an hour but she can handle her self" I said answering his question

"maybe some one should check on her" Harry said sounding worried

" yeah your right" I replied

" I'll do it" Zayn offered

" um actually I don't honk that's a good idea I mean that forest is werewolf land annnnnnddddd your a vampire you'd get ripped to shreds" I said in the nicest way possible

" jaz why don't you go and we will go hunt because I am staaaaarrrrrvvving" Niall said/ complained 

" good idea" I said and we all ran out and went our deferent ways 

so I ran into the forest and wolfed up and ran i mind messages her


E= Ella


J where are you Ella?

E i jut met some friends that are werewolves I got there numbers they seem cool

J what are there names?

E angel and destiny

J ok well I can hear you so just howl and I will follow it 

i heard a howl and ran towards it an found Ella sitting by a tree

" hey Ella" I said to her 

" hey do you want to start heading home?" She asked

" um yea sure " I replied and we zoomed of back home 



so I hope you liked it i still have writers block so sorry if you think this chappy is crappy

anway stay sassy

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