Story Of My Life

So this is basically a spin-off of my actual life. Some things will be exaggerated, but the basic idea is my life. If you want to read it, go ahead. If you don't, that's your loss. Once this story catches up to present day it'll become pure fiction, with the hopes that what happens in this story will actually become my life.

OH! And I apologize in advanced for any swearing but I'm not going to edit it out because this is, after all, my life, and I tend to swear a lot.

So I'm going to enter this in the Story Of My Life competition! Wish me luck!


1. Meet Me

Heyyy!!! I'm Taylor! I love to sing and act and play sports!!


I guess you could say that I'm sort of popular. I hang out with a decent size crowed of people at school, but, I don't know if they actually like being around me. I mean, no one ever asks me to go to the mall, or to the movies, or if I want to do over for a sleepover. I feel ignored outside of school.


So… To make up for all the time that I have free, I play 5 sports, and they are usually what you'll find me doing, other than online anyways.


So if you're reading this it's cool that you actually care a bit about my life :)


And remember some things will be exaggerated so if something seems utterly ridiculous or amazing it's probably been stretched. If something seems unreal but it's true I'll say so.


So, I guess you'll read about my life later!




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