Story Of My Life

So this is basically a spin-off of my actual life. Some things will be exaggerated, but the basic idea is my life. If you want to read it, go ahead. If you don't, that's your loss. Once this story catches up to present day it'll become pure fiction, with the hopes that what happens in this story will actually become my life.

OH! And I apologize in advanced for any swearing but I'm not going to edit it out because this is, after all, my life, and I tend to swear a lot.

So I'm going to enter this in the Story Of My Life competition! Wish me luck!


4. I'm Not A Joke, So Stop Laughing

So I wore a dress to school that had a mesh back (not even just a little bit of the sides) and this girl that always makes fun of me behind my back and online tweeted about me, called me a slut. I know that I shouldn't care but it hurts, it hurts every time someone says anything about me, big or small. I already have a pretty bad self-esteem (from elementary school, the administration wanted to label me as mentally disabled, just because I was always bored in class) so hearing all of these things about me. I hear laughs, imitations, crude names, idiotic but hurtful names, you name it I hear it.

That is one of the reasons that I listen to One Direction (major Directioner, I can name pretty much anything and everything), they make me feel so special, so loved, like I actually belong. I know they don't know who I am, and they probably never will, but I love them and they've helped me through so much.

I can't help but think that if One Direction hadn't be formed that I would have done something worse than just stay up all night crying, until I had no tears left to shed. I never turned to cutting though, no one can know that I feel this, I'm always the happy girl that's talking and singing, the overdramatic one that likes it when people laugh, not at people, but laugh because their happy and something is funny. No. No one can know, not the people I know. I know that this sounds stupid but I trust everyone on this website 1234525358295x more than almost all people that I know. I think there are about 2 people that I trust, that aren't family, to tell anything to, there is another that I'm starting to trust more, I've only known him for a few months but he's experienced everything that I'm going through.

This is all I can add for today but I think I might get one tomorrow if I finish my homework early. Thanks so much for tolerating my life :)


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