Love is a dangerous thing. It has up, down, round and round. It's a never ending roller coaster. What will happen when Niall Horan loses everything he loves...


2. The Kiss

Mya's P.O.V- I heard a knock on the door. It was my classmate and best friend, Niall Horan. "Can I-I come in" his voice trembled. "Sure, what's wrong." I asked him. "My parents were at the school when it got bombed." I saw tears forming in his eyes when he was trying to tell me. "Come here." I said. He came near me and I laid on his chest trying to comfort him. And then it all happened. He leaned in for a kiss and I pressed my lips onto his. It was so wrong but felt so right. He was my best friend. I wanted to tell him I love him but couldn't. Would if doesn't like me back? Would if stopped being my best friend not wanting things to be weird between us? All these negative thoughts filled my mind. Then a positive one came. He was the one who leaned in for the kiss first. Either way it was wrong.

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