Love is a dangerous thing. It has up, down, round and round. It's a never ending roller coaster. What will happen when Niall Horan loses everything he loves...


6. Police Station

Nialls POV:

"Mya wake up!" Mya's mum was screaming that from down the stairs. "I'm coming hold your horses!" "What's going in?" "We're going to the police station. You need to come since... you know, your parents died in it." She told me in a surprisingly calm voice. I left to go get dressed.

*Skip to police station*

"All I know is that my parents went to the school when it was bombed." "How do you know it was bombed." "I heard a..." A loud BOOM went off before I could finish. "What the hell was that?" A police man asked. "Let's go see."

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