Love is a dangerous thing. It has up, down, round and round. It's a never ending roller coaster. What will happen when Niall Horan loses everything he loves...


7. Bombs

Myas POV:

The police ran outside just in time to see an exploding fire going on outside. "Thats exactly what it sounded like this morning." Niall said. "Maybe it was the same guys." I suggested. "If we are quick enough maybe we can catch them." Niall said. "Too risky, you better head on home."

*Back at Mya's House*

"Niall im scared." I told Niall. He shot up a look at me and gestured me to come here. "What are you scared of?" "The guys who keep bombing everything." "As long as im here your safe." I fell asleep in his arms that night. I felt like nothing in the world coukd hurt me.

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