Little White Lies

“Hailey come back” “No Harry. I’m done with this game of yours. You got what you want.” “Baby it’s-” “Don’t call me that!” she yelled. I never seen her so mad. “It’s different now Hailey” I saw the tears in her eyes, and her nose was getting red. I started to tear up. Fuck. I never cry. “No Harry. I shouldn’t have agreed going out with you in the first place. Molly was right.” I tried to calm her down by stroking her cheek. “Don’t touch me Harry!” She slapped my hand and walked away. “What about us Hailey?” I yelled. She turned around. “There never should’ve been an us. Goodbye Harry. I hope you and Lexi are happy together.”


9. Chapter 8

Chapter 8




Hailey’s POV


I woke up and Harry was nowhere to be seen. The last time I saw him, he was here with me. Maybe he left last night. I felt so sick and tired so I touched my head, realising I had a fever. Ugh, I hate being sick. I don’t even think I’ll be able to go to school today.


I also decide to forgive Harry. I mean he is hard to resist. Something about him just makes me get so attached. I believe him that he resisted his temptations with Lexi. A suddenly smile at the fact that he really likes me and I also believe him when he said he didn’t feel anything when he kissed her. So does that mean he felt something when he kisses me? Butterflies then fluttered all around my stomach and made its way up my chest.


I heard knocks at the door.


“Come in.” I said pulling the blanket higher. It was mom.


“Are you feeling any better?”


“No.” I replied hearing my tired, raspy voice. She came over and touched my forehead, which was hot.


“I’ll call the office ok?” I smiled. “So Harry was here last night.” She gently spoke. Woah, where did that come from?


“Um.. yeah. How did you know?”


“Well, when I came home, I guess you two were up here. Anyways, he came down and told me you had a fever after you fell asleep.”


“Oh.” He did? I smiled because of the thought of his kindness.


“Nice boy isn’t he?”


“You can say that.” I joked sitting up.


“Anyways, I’ll let you get some rest.” She kissed my head and left shutting the door.


Grabbing my phone off the nightstand, I felt a sharp stretch. Man have I been lying down too long. When I turned it on, the first thing I saw was a text from Harry.


To: Hailey

From Harry

See you after school .x


It said. I find it pretty cute how he did the x, meaning kiss. Wait, are we together? Like together together? Or are we still friends?


Harry’s POV


It was time for school, and Hailey is probably still sick since she didn’t show up. I was on my way to class until a girl bumped into me from the back. I think she was walking backwards or something. We both collapsed, leaving her books scattered along the floor. She looked me in the eyes and realized who I was and saw the terror in her eyes.


“Oh my gosh, I-I-I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean to.” she stuttered shaking. Was she scared of me?


“Oh no, it’s alright.” I hushed helping her picked up her books. From her petit, but not too, size, I’m guessing she’s either a junior or a sophomore. She looked almost shocked from my kind gesture.


“Um.. thanks.” She whispered trying not to make eye contact. After I gave her back her last book, she immediately left. Um ok… how come she looked so scared bumping into me? I didn’t think much of it anymore and reached my class. Sitting in my usual seat, Niall and Louis were already there. My seat was next to Niall, and Louis’ was behind him.


“Where were you last night? I came by your house and you weren’t there.”


“I was at Hailey’s.”


“Dude, are you still on that plan?” Louis said leaning close so no one else could hear.


“No. Turns out, I really like her.”


“More than Lexi?” continued Niall. I slightly nodded giving a half smile.


“Well that explains why you look so perky today dun it Niall?” Louis joked. Niall made his eyebrows move up and down.


“Well, I’m planning to win Molly back.” I thought Molly didn’t want to speak to him again. But I can’t blame him.


“Well I hope you do.” I added trying my best not to mess this up again for him. He really likes her, but I know she really hates me. I understand though.


“Wait where is Hailey anyways?” sitting back, asked Louis. The teacher came in so I hurried on answering.


“She’s at home sick.” And after that, we got on with our class.




Hailey’s POV


Feeling my head, it was a relief that my fever went down by a lot. I took a quick shower and got into something comfy, since I’m not fully cured yet. Putting my hair in a messy bun, I grabbed my bag so I could head to Starbucks.


After about a long walking workout, I reach Starbucks. As usual, there was a long line but I waited patiently. After ordering my usual drink, I waited again for them to make it.


“Hailey?” the woman called. I thanked her and she handed it to me. Turning around, the first thing I noticed was that this jerk was running and bumped into this poor girl. Her ice coffee spilt all over her top. Her jaw dropped open turning her head back to the jerk, but he was gone. I went over and handed her napkins. She gave me a warm smile and thanks me.


“Ah, this is a white shirt.” She said looking at herself. I took off my cardigan and gave it to her. “Oh no, you don’t have to.”


“No no, it’s alright. Take it to cover that.” I said, not taking no as an answer. She smiled again and gently took the cardigan from my hand.


“Thank you so much.”


“Don’t worry about it.” I replied heading out. I made my way about 10 meters until she stopped me.


“Hey wait!” she called. I stopped. “Are you walking?”




“Well I can drive you to wherever you need to go.”


“No it’s ok. I’m fine walking.” I refused her offer. She shook her head and went towards me.


“No, please. It’s the least I could do for you. I mean, you did lend me your cardigan.” She offered again. I smiled and finally accepted. We got into her car and she started engine as we put our seatbelts on. She asked me where I needed to go and I told her home. She said she just got to stop by her house to change and give me back my cardigan.


I looked at her for a bit and admired how pretty she was. She had a figure like a model, and her hair was curled. She caught me looking at her and asked what.


“Sorry.” I apologized feeling a bit embarrassed. We arrived at her house shortly after and she invited me in. I took small steps because I was still adjusting to the new environment I was in. I saw large boxes everywhere, and noticed that certain household items are missing.


“Did you just move here?” I questioned her as she took my cardigan off to give back to me.


“Not exactly. I moved away a while ago, but things didn’t work out so we moved back.” She explained. I mouthed oh and held onto the strap of my back. “Come, it’s pretty empty here so you should wait in my room.” She guided me there upstairs and I waited on her bed. Looking around, her room still needed a lot of help with unpacking. I noticed that she had a balcony, and the view was really nice. Well, this is the kind of life you get to live when you’re rich. I assume she’s rich because her house is massive, and there are two more cars parked outside her house.


She finished changing shortly after, but she ended up changing her entire outfit. Apologizing for the wait, she fixed her hair in her stand mirror.


“Now, we can finally get you home. Sorry again love.” She said with her British accent. Gosh, there are so many British people in my life. Well, 7. The boys, Perrie, and her.


“Actually, I have some time to spare and I guess you need some help unpacking?” I suggested. She gave me a thankful look. She had a sweet smile on.


“Really? Cause that will be just so perfect.”


“Yes, sure. No problem at all.” I smiled back. Out of nowhere, she all of a sudden gave me a hug. I hugged her back and we got started unpacking. I started with the box that was next to the nightstand. The first thing I saw was a teddy bear. I held it up and brushed off some dust off it. After I finished, I placed it nicely on her bed where her pillows were.


“Not to judge, but do you sleep with this? Because I could place this somewhere else if you don’t.” I asked. She turned her head and smiled at the sight of it. Putting the books she had in her hands down, she went to pick up the bear.


“My ex gave me this.” She says back.


“Oh I’m sorry.”


“For what?” she had a confused face on, but still smiling.


“For bringing up your ex?” I murmured. She exhaled putting down the bear at the same place I placed it.


“No it’s fine. We didn’t break up of a fight or anything. We just thought that a long distance relationship wouldn’t work.” She clarified before I made up assumption of why they broke up.


We got back to work and it took awhile, but the room came together really well. I organized her makeup and clothing neatly and nicely. She kept thanking me several times, and I kept telling her that it was all right. She is such a sweet girl, and I had fun talking about girl stuff with her, even though she taught me most of the things we talked about. Like how to apply makeup and what to wear on first dates. She really knew her girl facts. After we finished, we exchanged numbers and then drove me back home. I got out of her car and before I even took a step away, she called me for me.


“I didn’t quite catch your name yet.” She says.


“I’m Hailey Valentine.” I replied as we exchanged smiles.


“Cool, dig your name Hailey. Well I’m Eleanor. Eleanor Calder.”




Harry’s POV


School finally ended and I could finally see Hailey again. I took all the books that I needed and dumped them all I my bag. Liam walked by reminding me of the hangout at Zayn’s tonight. I told him I’ll be there and left the school. Before arrive at Hailey’s I picked up some Chinese takeout assuming she might be hungry. Her mum opened the door and greeted me in. I told her that I got Hailey food, and I was going to give her, her homework.


I opened her door and was about to walk in until I realized I interrupted her while she was changing. She was in her bra and shorts. Hailey yelled my name covering her chest and turning around.


“Oh shit,” I whispered to myself. “I’m so sorry.” I said to her, startled and quickly shut the door before I see anything else. I laughed a bit to myself, but made sure she couldn’t hear me. Still so cute.


“Well you can come in now.” She said, almost annoyed. I walked in, trying ever so hard to hold in my smirk. “If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.” She joked, threatening me.


“It that so?” I said back. She giggled and sat on the floor.


“I brought Chinese.” I said holding the bag up. We ate and I told her the things she missed at school, but it wasn’t much. I also mentioned the hangout that we were going to have at Zayn’s tonight. She thought about it, but didn’t know if her mom would let her go. “Then sneak out.” I suggested.


“Are you kidding me? No way. I have never snuck out in my entire life.” She frowned. I raised both of my hands.


“Sorry. Stupid idea. Just please, ask your mum.” I placed my hand over hers. “I really want you to come.” She let out a sigh.


“Alright. Be right back.”


Hailey’s POV


I took quick steps down the stairs and went to find my mom. She was in the kitchen wiping the pans.


“Hey sweetheart. How you feel?” she asked placing the pans in the cabinet one by one.


“Oh I’m much better right now. Not sick at all anymore.” I walked towards the counter that was in the center of the kitchen. She looked up at me and smiled.


“Well that is great.” She responded. Hesitating to ask, I kept taking deep breaths.


>come on Hailey. Harry’s upstairs waiting.


My mind said.


“So mom, I was wondering,” I paused “can I please go to Zayn’s place today?” she didn’t answer me. “Please? I’m feeling much better and don’t worry, I won’t be alone. Harry will be there and his friends girlfriends will be there too.” I tried to do more convincing. She put down her cloth and placed her hands on my arms.


“Do you really want to go?” she asked. I said yes with puppy dog’s eyes. “Alright, you can go.” I was taken back a bit, and surprised with her approval.


“Wait seriously? I could go?”


“Didn’t I just say you could?” she rhetorically asked. I thanked her and hugged her so tightly. She laughed and kissed my forehead. I was about to run back to tell Harry, but then I just had to ask her something.


“Mom?” I began. “Why are you letting me go?” she smiled and cupped my face.


“Well, we both how rough it was back in Pennsylvania and you are making new friends. I just want you to be happy Hailey.” I gave her a hug, almost crying. I thanked her and went straight to Harry. He stood at my presents and was eager to know what happened. I said I could go and he was so happy that he gave a short kiss. I looked at him weird, but there was nothing wrong though.


“Oh I’m sorry.” He apologized realizing what he did. “I just thought- um- I mean after- after um- yesterday- we um.” He started to babble. I kissed him again so he could stop. I pulled away so I can change into something for suitable for tonight. Taking a graphic tee and black leggings from the drawers. Before I could leave my room to change in the bathroom, Harry softly gripped my wrist.


“You know you can just change in here.” He says looking straight into my eyes.


“Ok.” I said shutting the door.


“Wait what? I was just kidding Hailey.” He frowned.


“Close your eyes.” I told him. He quickly slapped his hands on his eyes as I got change. I looked at him while doing so, just to see if he would peek. He didn’t. When I was done, I got close to him and uncover his eyes. Staring at his beautiful, green eyes, I almost got hypnotized sort of. Harry then shut his eyes, wrinkling his face. Ha. He knew I was staring at it.


“Hailey?” his expression changed into a more serious look.


“Yeah? Is something wrong?” I was worried because his mood just changed out of nowhere.


“Will you please be my girlfriend?” he finally said. Oh, he wanted to talk about that.


“Harry, you do know we only officially started to hang out like 3 days ago?”


“Yes, I do know that. It’s just different with you. And please don’t think of cheesy love movies and those things. What I feel is real.” Aw, he’s so sweet. I held him tight, and I could feel his heart against my body. He rested his head where my shoulder was, and wrapped his arms around my waist. “I’m sorry if you heard those bad things about me. And I know that you know about my reputation. So, those girls, they are not like you. I feel nothing every time I kiss any of them. That’s why I know you’re the one Hailey.” Woah, Harry was actually comfortable talking about those things? I mean the part about being a player. I didn’t care though. As long as he was honest with me.


“Really? You really feel this way?”


“200% Hailey. And you know shit is real when I use numbers.” He joked with that last part making me laugh.


“Then alright Styles. I’ll be your girlfriend.” His face lit up brighter anything I could think of.



Hey, I'm so sorry i haven't been updating. School is just so complicated... anyways, I hope you like this chapter and I'm writing the next right now. Happy late valentines day! xx


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