Little White Lies

“Hailey come back” “No Harry. I’m done with this game of yours. You got what you want.” “Baby it’s-” “Don’t call me that!” she yelled. I never seen her so mad. “It’s different now Hailey” I saw the tears in her eyes, and her nose was getting red. I started to tear up. Fuck. I never cry. “No Harry. I shouldn’t have agreed going out with you in the first place. Molly was right.” I tried to calm her down by stroking her cheek. “Don’t touch me Harry!” She slapped my hand and walked away. “What about us Hailey?” I yelled. She turned around. “There never should’ve been an us. Goodbye Harry. I hope you and Lexi are happy together.”


7. Chapter 6

Hailey’s POV


I opened the door a bit, but little enough that Harry can’t notice. I watch him walk to the sidewalk. He clenched his hands and ran his fingers through his hair. A single tear fell from my eyes as the mist from Harry’s breath exhaled. I didn’t mean for this. Of course I liked Harry, but I’m scared. Harry took a short look back at the house and I could see that the flesh on his cheeks was red, since it was really cold and he didn’t have proper warm clothing on. He ran. I shut the door behind me and placed my back on it, sliding down crying. I just had to screw things up by rejecting him. Harry will probably not talk to me again. He didn’t even talk to me on the way home. I griped my hair and screamed of anger. I was angry with myself. Flashback of Ethan floods my brain.




I wanted to surprise Ethan for his birthday. I walked to his house, holding his gift in my hand. I smiled at the effort I put into this gift, and the wrapping. I never really knew how to wrap presents, but I mange to wrap this one from the help of YouTube. I got him a black varsity, and inside I stitched my name on it. The varsity was really expensive, which made me smile because I felt proud of myself for getting my boyfriend an amazing present. Ethan was like the perfect boyfriend ever. Shivers started to go down my spine just thinking of it.


Shortly after, I finally reached his house. I didn’t ring the bell or knock, since then he’ll no I’m here. Stupid! Why didn’t I think this over? Wait, there’s probably a key somewhere. I looked around to see if there are any pots, but sadly there wasn’t. I then realize that there’s a doormat. Maybe? I crouched down lifting it up. To my surprise, there was a key. I scoffed to myself. So typical.


I unlocked his door and got in. Quietly, I shut the door behind me and crept to his room. I was outside his room and the door was slightly opened. I smiled at the sight of him and was about to walk in until I saw a girl. She had dirty blonde hair and was only in her Victoria’s Secret bra and undies. What the hell?! I couldn’t help but to eavesdrop. I’m not the kind of girl of doesn’t trust their boyfriends, but there’s an almost naked girl in my boyfriend’s room! She walked over to Ethan and sat on his waist, with her legs by his hips. I covered my mouth with my hand. Was he cheating on me?! Tears escaped my eyes. They then kissed which broke me down even more. I fell down kneeling on the floor, heart broken, and my heart melted, but not in that good way.


“What about your so called girlfriend?” she says. That really got my attention. Yeah Ethan, what about your girlfriend? And ‘so called’? More tears flooded my eyes until they fell.


“Fuck Ally, you know I was dared.” My heart felt like it skipped a beat. He was dared? So.. all those times he said he loved me, and all those times he kissed me, it was all fake?


“Well I know that” she wined. “But why did you accept?” why am I still listening? I tried to move, but I was glued to the ground, frozen. Still crying, I manage to still hear every word through my sobbing.


“The guy said he’ll give me 200 bucks. She means nothing babe.” Ally tilted her head to the side and stroked his cheek. I covered my eyes with my hands and cried even more. The pain of the thought of him using me like that, it was all too much. And for money even. I couldn’t take it. I cried to myself for a moment there in silence. Somehow, I could finally move. I got up, but it was hard since my legs felt so wobbly and weak. Luckily, I managed to toddle down the stairs without falling over. I slowly turned the door noble and crept outside. Why was I so stupid? Love is stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid! I cried myself all the way home and there were people staring. What? Never seen a girl cry in public? I finally reached home and realized that I was still holding his gift in my hand. What if I gave him this? Then I would’ve spent good money on.. on that douche!




I just couldn’t risk being hurt again. My heart sunk, and I absolutely hated myself. Why am I so weak? I like Harry. I really do. But why can’t I just say yes? I really didn’t think this through. I never thought Harry will ever ask me to be his girlfriend. I mean, why me? I am not head cheerleader, I don’t have the biggest boobs, I’m not hot. I am really just Hailey Valentine.


Harry’s POV


I smashed my lips onto hers. She wrapped her arms around me and I wrapped mines around her slim waist. I could feel her smiling through the kiss.


“What made you change your mind?” Lexi said.


“Just shut up and kiss me.” I hissed and she gladly smiled. I didn’t care about anything right now. Things just felt like it was before. And Hailey, what about her? She rejected me and I doubt she’ll ever want to go out with me. Lexi grabbed my hand and led me to her room. I quickly shut the door and picked her up by her thighs and placed her onto her bed. She giggled a bit, but for some reason the sound felt so weird. Like it was a forced giggle or something. I tried to kiss her hungrily and passionately to at lease feel something. Nothing. I felt nothing. I tried it again and tried to hard that I accidentally bit her lip.


“Harry!” she yelled, but quiet enough that only I could hear it. I quickly got up and wiped the blood off my lips. “Harry, baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell.” She got up and her hands played with my hair. I wasn’t mad at her for yelling, I was mad at myself. I didn’t feel anything at all! I unexpectedly kissed her again. She was surprised but didn’t mind me at all. Nothing. I started to get mad so I immediately took off her top revealing her Victoria’s Secret pushup bra. She grinned and I quickly took off my shirt as well. I pushed her onto the bed and lie on top of her, so our warm bodies touched. I nibbled her ear and kissed her collarbone, making her moan. At lease she feels something. I envied her. She then got on top of me, kissing me hungrily. Again, I felt nothing so I closed my eyes to try to help it. After some time, I finally felt a little something so I opened my eyes and saw Hailey. She smiled and kissed me again as I closed my eyes.


“Hailey?” I whispered. She got up and I opened my eyes once more, but this time it wasn’t Hailey. It was Lexi.


“What the fuck?” she said furrowing her eyes but I ignored what she said. Was that why I felt a little something? Was it that I thought Lexi was Hailey? Instant flashes of Hailey flashed my mind. I saw the colour of her eyes, how naturally soft her lips were, and her adorable giggle. I smiled to myself, which confused Lexi. I pushed her off of me and grabbed my shirt to put it on. “Harry! Where are you going?”


“Away from here.” I said buttoning my pants.


“Wait why? Didn’t we just have a connection?”


“No. We didn’t.” I was about to leave until she firmly gripped my bicep.


“Harry I miss you.” I looked at the hand she was holding me with and took it off.


“Lexi, I don’t feel the same way about you anymore. I shouldn’t have come here and it was a mistake. Beside, you’re dating Dean.” And that was the last of me. I left her room and went outside.


“Harry don’t walk away from me!” she hollered from her front door. Ugh. Can she just leave me alone?


“Lexi go back to sleep. I like someone else.” Lexi facial expression changed and her jaw dropped about an inch. I smirked at her reaction and walked home. Wow, did I just say I liked someone else? I guess I did. And I knew who it was. Hailey. Hailey Valentine. I smiled at the thought of her. I know she rejected me, but I don’t care. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get her to my mines.


Lexi’s POV


I slammed the front door and stormed to my room. I mean, what the fuck? Harry can’t just do that to me. I jumped on the bed and remembered he said a name. What was it again? Hilary? Hayden? Hailey! He said Hailey! I immediately snatched my laptop off of my nightstand and went on facebook. I looked through Harry’s friends list since I have no clue what her last name was. After typing in her name, it wasn’t hard since he only had one friend on facebook with the name Hailey. Hailey Valentine. Wait wasn’t she with him at the bowling ally yesterday? So this the girl that Harry says he liked? That bitch! Who does she think she is? Ugh. I hate her already. Suddenly, my bottom lip started to throb a bit. Gently touching my lip, I felt a bump. Quickly, I got up and went to the bathroom. At the first glimpse, I noticed that I was still in my bra, and I had a busted lip. Great. Thank you Harry for my busted lip. It looked a bit bruised and it wont be gone any time soon. What was he trying to do? Suffocate me from that intense make out session? What does she have that I don’t have? That bitch is gonna get it.




The alarm on my phone went off and I swiped it to turn it off. I dragged myself out of bed and slouched to the bathroom to shower. After turning on the lights, I squinted since my eyes weren’t adjusting yet. The first thing I saw was my reflection. Oh gosh. My lip looked so bruised. There was a small scab on it. I showered below my neck and got changed into some really skinny jeans, a tank top and a blazer. I also did my usual make up and curled my hair. Damn, beauty is hard work.


“Hey babe.” I turn around and saw dean. Fuck he’s so sexy. But obviously Harry’s more.


“Hey baby.” I flashed him a smile and wrapped my arms around his waist.


“What the fuck happened to your lip?”


“Oh um..” I can’t tell him I had a make out session with Harry. Make up a fucking lie already Lexi! “I tripped over something and then my lip was smashed against my teeth from the fall.” Yep, that’s probably good enough.


“Well that’s some fall.” I smirked at his joke. “So I can’t kiss you?” I shook my head no. It hurts enough to touch it, let along kissing?


“Sowwy” I pouted. Dean kissed my forehead and we both realized we were gonna be late for school.


Hailey’s POV


My alarm clock radio turned on meaning it was 7. I just wanted to go back to sleep because one, I was really tired, and two, I can’t face Harry now. Not after what happen last night. It will be so awkward. Why did I even agree to go out with him in the first place? Have I not seen this coming? Oh wait, I haven’t. I never thought a guy like Harry would ever like a girl like me. I mean, look at Lexi. She’s much prettier, hotter, and more fit than I am. Why me?


I got up and took a short shower before getting dress. I saw a graphic tee in my closet, but put it back down. Today is not the day to be noticed. Instead, I grabbed a grey sweatshirt with a hood, and skinny jeans. For shoes, I just stuck with my 4-year-old converse.


Going downstairs, I was going to head to the kitchen until I noticed mom was sleeping on the couch. I pulled the blanket over her to keep her warm. I hope she’s alright. Now, I don’t even feel like breakfast so I just headed out to school





“Take your seats class. We have a busy day ahead of us.” Our homeroom teacher announced looking at his book. Mr. Brian is really cool. He’s like our favourite teacher. I looked back, looking for Harry. He wasn’t in his seat. Where is he? Did he ditch? Was.. was it because he doesn’t want to see me?


“Ms. Valentine?” Mr. Brian called. I turned my head to face him. “Is there anything wrong?”


“I’m sorry no. I was just.. Um getting used to this classroom.”


“Oh, very well then.” He then started to talk about other things, but I didn’t bother to listen. It was not like me to not pay attention, but I just kept thinking about Harry. What if he’s in some sort of trouble? Like got in an accident last night? Or got drunk because he was so mad or upset with me?


Class went as usual and I had French next. The strange thing was that almost everyone I knew was in that class. I sat at my seat and realized that Lexi was also in this class. She was surrounded with her friends and Dean. They were asking about her busted lip. Yeah, what happened to her lip? I looked to my other side and saw Perrie. She was with her friends. They all look so cool and stuff. Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn then walked in almost late. Liam flashed me a smile and Louis waved. I smiled back at Liam and Louis. Guess everyone has their group except me.


“Hey Hailey.” I guess not.


“Molly, you have French?” She sat down beside me and hung her bag on the corner of her chair.


“Yeah, I asked for a transfer.”


“And they said yes?”


“I was surprised too.” We exchanged smiles. I was so glad I wasn’t alone. I know I have Perrie, but she has her own friends too. I didn’t really want to bother her.


“Bonjour classe.”


“Bonjour.” The whole class said in unison.


“Je sais que c'est un peu tôt, mais nous avons un voyage de classe en 2 semaines.” She said to the class. Everyone just looked at each other since no one knew what she was saying. Madam Fay rolled her eyes putting down her books and sat at the front of her desk. “I said, I know this is a bit early but we have a class trip in 2 weeks.”


“To where?” Lexi smartly asked.


“How about,” Madam Fay paused. “Paris.” She finished making sure everyone heard the P sound. The class said yes and everyone looked so pumped. Even I was until I realized I can’t afford it.


“Yay! We’re going to Paris in 2 weeks!” Molly cheered to me. “Hey, aren’t you excited?”


“I can’t go Molly.”


“What why not?” she wined.


“I’m sorry but I can’t afford it.”


“It can’t be that much.” Molly then raised her hand.


“Yes Ms. Shore?” the teacher said.


“How much is this trip?”


“$3000” she replied instantly my eyes to widen. I turned to Molly and she gave me a sorry expression. I mouthed ‘It’s ok’ to her.




Harry’s POV


I rolled over and fell off my bed. Ow! Well that woke me up. I grabbed my phone to check the time. 9:43. Fuck! I’m so late! It’s already almost break?! I shot up and rummaged through my closet and grabbed the first thing I saw. A t-shirt and jeans. I then fixed my hair. Shit. I already missed first period and second period is almost over. I ran down the stairs and slipped on my boots. I looked at the fridge.

>Harry! There’s no time for food!

I got in my car and drove. On the way, I remember Hailey. Oh yeah, I’m gonna try to make her to say yes. Can’t wait to get to school. Wait what the fuck? Was I actually excited for school?


Hailey’s POV


Second period was finally over and I really needed to go to the bathroom. And where’s Harry? He’s still not here. Is he sick or just decided to ditch. I quickly put my books and bag in my locker and went to the bathroom straight after. After that, of course I need to wash my hands. As I applied soap to my hands, Lexi walked in. I looked at her but immediately looked away. She chuckled. What is she doing here if she’s not here to use the toilet or fix her make up?


“Hailey is it?” she smirked. I didn’t say anything since I didn’t want get into any trouble. She is one of most popular girls in the school. And she also purposely rolled that bowling bowl which hit my ankle. I dried my hands. “So are you and Harry a thing? Like are you two dating?” she asked tilting her head to the side. What is it to her? I wanted to walk away but she stopped me. “Just answer the fucking question.”


“No.” I said timidly. A smile grew on her face.


“Well good.” She smiled. I again noticed her busted lip and I can’t help myself from staring at it. She chuckled again, which snapped me out of my gaze. “Do you wanna know what happened to lip?” I didn’t say anything and bit my bottom lip. “I’ll tell you any ways. Harry did it.” wait what? Harry did it? Did he punch her or something?


“Why would Harry punch you?” I asked assuming he did. She laughed and crossed her arms.


“Punch me? Oh he wouldn’t dare.” She said trying to sound smart. Oh.. I looked away for a bit because I didn’t know what to say now since now I know he didn’t punch her. “More like intense kissing.” And that caught my attention. Wait what!


“What?” I whispered. She grinned and walked to the sink to wash her hands.


“He kissed so intensely that he accidentally bit my lip.” Harry kissed her? My heart started to speed up. I thought they broke up? “He came over last night and bam! He immediately kisses me.” Last night? Wasn’t he with me last night? He left right after we walked back to my… I can’t believe he would just do that. I thought he liked me. I felt my eyes starting to sting from tears. And even after asking me to be his girlfriend? Even though I couldn’t see myself, I knew my eyes were red. Lexi took a look at me and grinned. What is her problem?


“Why are you telling me this?” I asked before she walked out the door. She spun around with her hand on the door.


“I just thought you should know.” And she walked out after that. I turned to the mirror and watched as the first tear fell from my eyes. I really thought he liked me. Man am I stupid! He is a douche and he probably wanted to have sex. More tears streamed down my face. I quickly wiped my eyes with my sleeves and stormed out the bathroom. I needed to be alone. I’m just gonna go home for a couple of hours and come back after lunch. I wiped my eyes again and bumped into someone. “I’m sorry.” I sobbed. I looked up and saw Harry. Speak of the devil. I looked away and walked around him. Seriously? At this time? Out of everyone in the whole school, I have to bump into Harry?


“Hailey wait up!” I walked faster but he caught up. He firmly placed his hands on my arm. I didn’t bother to wiggle it out since he will just follow. More tears were about to escape my eyes so I looked to the side, avoiding looking into Harry’s eyes. I pulled my lips in, holding in the hiccups. “Hailey what’s wrong?” he says wiping the tears of my face. I looked to him, disappointed.


“Tell me you didn’t go to Lexi’s house right after you left my house and kissed her.” Harry’s mouthed parted from shock. Yeah I thought so.


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