Little White Lies

“Hailey come back” “No Harry. I’m done with this game of yours. You got what you want.” “Baby it’s-” “Don’t call me that!” she yelled. I never seen her so mad. “It’s different now Hailey” I saw the tears in her eyes, and her nose was getting red. I started to tear up. Fuck. I never cry. “No Harry. I shouldn’t have agreed going out with you in the first place. Molly was right.” I tried to calm her down by stroking her cheek. “Don’t touch me Harry!” She slapped my hand and walked away. “What about us Hailey?” I yelled. She turned around. “There never should’ve been an us. Goodbye Harry. I hope you and Lexi are happy together.”


5. Chapter 4

Hailey’s POV


Sunlight shown through my window and a slight breeze blew threw and hit my back making me shiver. I shifted a bit and felt movement and warmth. The warmth felt good so I tried to hug it to keep me nice and toasty. It worked so I smiled. Suddenly, it moved again and I realized that there were arms around me so I slowly opened my eyes. To my surprise, it was shirtless Harry Styles. My eyes widen and began to panic.


>Should I move? Say something? But it’s so warm. I don’t want to get out of bed. But Harry fell asleep in my house on my bed. Oh my gosh, Harry is so adorable!


I was debating on what to do until I was tempted to look at his perfect, tattooed abs. My temptations won so I squinted and I slowly pulled away a bit so I can take a little look at his abs. I moved back about 5 inches since I didn’t want to wake him up. Looking down, again as always, his abs was so nicely shaped. A smile then appeared on my face.


“You like?” I suddenly heard a deep voice and looked up seeing Harry with a smirk on his face. I wanted to speak but nothing came out. I looked pathetic so he laughed a bit making me blush. “It’s alright.” He said sitting up. I got up as well tucking a little chunk of hair behind my left hear and scrunched my nose. Harry crossed his arms and leaned on the wall.


“Um, you fell asleep at my house.” I quietly spoke. Harry ruffled his hair and apologized. There was a short pause and my brain was filled mixed emotions. I could swear that my period was 2 weeks ago so it can’t be my stupid hormones. I was probably just shocked with the fact that Harry slept over by accident, and that I slept in his arms? I could feel my heart pounding and I was once again freaking out. I can’t believe I just realize that I freak out so easily. It wasn’t like this before. All of a sudden, my eyes started to sting with tears. What the hell? Why am I crying? Why am I crying?! Harry saw the tears in my eyes and gave a surprised expression.


“Hey hey hey, come here.” He said. I crawled next to him and he wrapped his arms around me. “Why are crying?” he asked with a quiet, innocent voice. “Why you crying?” he repeated smiling sympathetically. I rested my head on his shoulders feeling stupid as hell. “If it’s about me sleeping over, I said I was sorry. I didn’t mean to.” I could hear his voice vibrating on my ear and cheek. I giggled at why he thought I was slightly tearing up. He laughed as well. “What?” I sniffed and smiled looking at him.


“Nothing.” We exchanged smiles and just sat there since moving out of bed will kill the mood.


“Wait, is your mom gonna get mad?”


“Um, she doesn’t have to know. This could be our secret.” I replied putting a finger to my mouth. He laughed which triggered me to as well. “Besides, she’s at work right now.”


“Oh..” Harry got up and of bed. “So can I shower?”


“Sure. Go, have a rinse because..” I looked away pausing, and looking back. “You stink.” I joked.


“Shut up Valentine.” He joked back making me laugh. I grabbed my laptop and sat on my bed. I went on Facebook and spotted that someone sent me a friend request. It appears to be Perrie Edwards. Hm.. do I know a Perrie Edwards. I didn’t know who she was so I clicked her profile and scrolled through her pictures. I’m not a stalker, but I checked her photos to know who she was before adding her. I scrolled until I saw a picture of her kissing this guy. He looks so familiar. I thought about it, and remember that he was Harry’s friend. One of the boys who sat with him at lunch. I clicked add because she looked like a sweet girl.  Nothing new was on so I went on Netflix to watch Full House. I know it’s pretty old, but I love the show no matter how old. 10 minutes later, Harry came out holding wet Dusty. “Um, this little guy jumped into the tub while I was showering.” Harry said holding Dusty with a towel around his waist. I laughed because it was funny how Dusty just jumped into the tub. I got up to get my hair towel on my dresser and Harry handed the kitten to me to dry him off.


“You naughty kitten” I joked. It’s strange how he did what he did. Dusty is a really shy kitten. He would run away from strangers and would not let anyone hold him unless he personally knows them. “I’m sorry, it’s unusual for him to do this. He’s really shy to strangers.”


“It’s alright. He’s cute. I love cats.”


“You do? Do you have one?”


“I used to, but he died of old age.”


“Oh I’m sorry.”


“It’s ok.” We went to sit on the bed and I held Dusty on my lap. “So what’s his name?” I picked him up and held him over my face.


“Dusty.” I said smiling at Harry. Out of nowhere, Harry’s facial expression changed into a weird look.


“His name is Dusty?”


“What? You don’t like the name?”


“No, it’s not that I don’t like it. Hey can I hold him?”


“Yea sure.” I gently handed the kitten to him, planting him in his hand. Harry smiled and sighed.


“My cat was named Dusty.” He continued.


“No kidding!” I was shocked. I mean, Dusty isn’t the most common name for a cat. I expected his cat’s name to be fluffy or something.


“Nope. It’s true.”


“What are the odds?” I lied back down on my bed and closed my eyes. When I opened them back, I was startled a bit before I forgot that half-naked-Harry was in my room. I smiled at how cute Harry and Dusty were together. Suddenly, Harry’s phone rang. He passed me Dusty and went to get his phone from his pocket. He got it out to see who it was. “Oh cool, you have an iPhone?”


“Yeah, don’t you?” he asked and then picked up the phone. It was his mom. I don’t have an iPhone actually. I always wanted one, but mom thought it was too expansive for a phone. I understood her defense so I didn’t complain about it. “Alright mum! I’ll be home in like 15 minutes!” Harry quietly yelled. He tossed the phone on the bed, landing near me. I grabbed it and examined the phone while Harry went to bathroom to get dressed. It was an iPhone5. Harry’s so lucky to have one. “Sorry Hailey but I got to go.” He apologized sitting on the bed, tying his shoes.


“And I don’t have an iPhone by the way.”


“No kidding. Everyone has them now.”


“Ok now you’re just making me feel bad.” We both laughed at my joke. “Just joking but I don’t. My mom said it’s too expensive.”


“Oh..” Harry finished tying his shoes and said goodbye to me, and then Dusty stroking him.


“Bye Harry!” I yelled from my bed. I grabbed my laptop and went back on Facebook.


Perrie Edwards: Hey there :)


Me: Hi :)


Perrie Edwards: Sorry to ask but are you dating Harry?


Me: Haha, no. We’re just friends.


Perrie Edwards: Oh..


Me: Why ask?


Perrie Edwards: No reason. I was just wondering.


Me: Oh alright.


Perrie Edwards: I know we barely know each other, but do you want to hang out today?


I thought about her offer, but what the heck.


Me: Alright. Meet me at the mall for lunch?


Perrie Edwards: Kk.


I shut down my laptop and went to have a shower. After, I got dressed into what I usually wear. Jeans with a simple top, or a sweater. I never did knew how to dress girly or really nicely. Before leaving, I played with Dusty for a bit, and then told my mom I’m heading out to the mall. It was a long walk to the mall, but I didn’t mind since I usually walk everywhere.


“Hailey!” I heard a girl call. I looked around until I saw a girl with really light blonde hair, and a leather jacket and distressed jeans. I smiled and walked towards her. She’s really pretty to be honest.




“Yep, that’s me. So you wanna have lunch?”


“Yeah sure!” We walked into the mall together and picked out a restaurant. We both ordered our food and waited for it to come.


“So what brings you to Califonia?” she asked sitting back. I hate it when people ask me this question because I always have to lie parts of the real answer.


“I always wanted to come here and my mom wants to look for a new job.”


“Oh..” she stretched out the word tilting her head up. “So made any new friends yet?”


“Um.. it’s too soon to tell if they are actually friends or not. But I hangout with Molly at school, and Harry and I are off to a pretty good start” and when I said Harry, that’s when Perrie’s expression changed. I knew why. I think.. “I know, I heard people saying bad stuff about Harry, but he’s not that bad.”


“Not that bad? I’m sorry hun but you don’t know him as much as I do, and it’s bad news.”


“Perrie, it’s fine. Harry’s cool. And not that cool cool,” I said using the quotation marks with my hands, “he’s alright.”


“Ok Hailey, but just please be careful ok?” she said picking up her utensils. I did the same and dug in my food. We talked about others things that normal girls would talk about, but minus the gossip. I hate gossiping because most of them are just lies. I hate lies as well, even LITTLE WHITE LIES. My phone then dinged because someone messaged me. It was Harry and he was wondering if we could hangout today.


To: Harry

From: Hailey

Sorry Harry. Not 2day. Hanging out with Perrie. Maybe tomor?


“Who was that?”


“Oh it’s just Harry.”


“What does he want?”


“Just to hangout… Perrie, something tells me that you don’t like Harry. Why is that?”


“Nothing. I just don’t like him”


“But isn’t your boyfriend Harry’s friend.”


“Yeah.. but still.” She trailed poking her salad. My phone dinged again.


To: Hailey

From: Harry

What why?




To: Harry

From: Hailey

What do you mean? We’re just hanging out. Girl 2 girl.


Does Harry not like Perrie as well? I wanted to ask but it might be rude.


To: Hailey

From: Harry

Then can we just hangout tonight??


I chuckled a bit.


To: Harry

From: Hailey

Ok ok. Pick me up @8?


To: Hailey

From: Harry



I put my phone down and Perrie just finished her salad.


“So.. ” she began.


“Nothing. Harry just wants to hangout.” I repeated.


“Just be careful ok?” I nodded and then Perrie’s friends called her asking for a sleepover. “Sure, my place?” she said on the phone. “Bye lovelies.” And she ended the call. “Hey you should come to the sleepover too.” I smiled at her offer but remembered Harry.


“I’m gonna hang with Harry remember?”


“Oh.” And he face changed ever so quickly. We decided that we should be heading home since Perrie had to set everything up before her friends show up so she dropped me home in her car. I waved her goodbye and watched her car leave. I hung my coat on the rack, which then reminded me of last night. I chuckled a bit to myself and ran upstairs to my room. Harry is so cute… and hot.


Harry’s POV


To: Hailey

From: Harry



I texted her. Why is she with Perrie? I mean, they don’t even know eachother. Wait a minute, did Zayn sold me out?! I dialed Zayn’s number on my phone and started pacing around the room.




“Zayn?! Did you-”


“I’m probably busy or lost the phone so leave the message after the beep.” His voicemail cut me off.


“Shit!” I loudly groaned and threw the phone on bed. I shouldn’t have trusted Zayn. He probably told Perrie; he always tells her everything. Shortly after, I decided to go to his house and ask him in person. Hailey, Lexi, and anyone else must never know! I practically ran to his house even though it was like 20 minutes away. When I finally reached it, I banged on his door until he opened it.


“You told Perrie didn’t you!” I yelled in his face. Zayn backed away and held his hands up to my chest.


“Harry, I can explain.” He tried calming me. I pushed him.


“Did you know you’re girlfriend was with Hailey today?” I pushed him again. Louis then came and pulled us apart.


“Woah, guys, just stop fighting.” Louis spat at us.


“Well Zayn sold me out to Perrie!” I shouted at Louis, trying to convince him that it really wasn’t my fault.


“Well what am I supposed to do? Lie to my girlfriend?!” Zayn hissed trying to get in my face, but Louis pushed him back.


“Um, yes?!” Is Zayn this stupid? “Zayn, we were best friends ever since Kindergarten!”


“You know what Harry, all you think about is yourself. Perrie and I had a fight last night because of your stupid little plan.”


“What’s going on here?” Liam said coming down the stairs, but we ignored him.


“I love Perrie ok? And thanks to you, maybe she’s not gonna talk to me again.”


“What are you trying to say?” what was he trying to say?


“That you know nothing about love. All you do all the time is pick any girl off the streets and have sex with them. And Lexi? You don’t even love her. You only want to be with her because it makes you cool.” My blood temperature increased with every word his said. I pushed Zayn one last time, but this time, really hard. I watched as Zayn fell to the ground, and Liam and Louis to running to help him back up. I could see the terror in Zayn eyes. Maybe I took this a little to seriously. I didn’t mean to push him. I backed away, and ran out. I needed someone. I needed the comfort of someone right now. I didn’t know who to go to, since all the boys were at Zayn’s place. I kept running and running until I realized I was on Hailey’s street. It then hit me that Hailey is the only one I could go to. I reached her door and rang her doorbell with my heart pounding and sweat on my forehead. Hailey opened the door with a confuse face.


“Harry? Well you’re here early. What are you doing here?” she opened the door and let me in. “Are you ok? What’s wrong?” she asked holding onto my arm. “Harry you need to tell me what’s wrong or-” I cut her off.


“Hailey kiss me.”

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