Little White Lies

“Hailey come back” “No Harry. I’m done with this game of yours. You got what you want.” “Baby it’s-” “Don’t call me that!” she yelled. I never seen her so mad. “It’s different now Hailey” I saw the tears in her eyes, and her nose was getting red. I started to tear up. Fuck. I never cry. “No Harry. I shouldn’t have agreed going out with you in the first place. Molly was right.” I tried to calm her down by stroking her cheek. “Don’t touch me Harry!” She slapped my hand and walked away. “What about us Hailey?” I yelled. She turned around. “There never should’ve been an us. Goodbye Harry. I hope you and Lexi are happy together.”


16. Chapter 13

Harry’s POV


It’s been 2 weeks and our Paris trip is not far from now. I’ve managed a few ‘what if’s’ from Hailey who was considering going, but besides that, I’ve got no luck. We’re going to spend Halloween in Paris as well, which might be pretty cool. Molly’s still in her cast but I hope she’ll be alright with all that walking in Paris and the sights we’re going too. Hopefully it’ll get better by the time we get there.


Everyone is pretty content with life, except for Liam. We haven’t spoke to him ever since that little ‘incident’. He doesn’t eat lunch at school either. I guess he goes out to eat in some diner or restaurant because he has no one else to sit with. I don’t give a shit anyways.


I spotted Hailey by her locker so I jogged to her. Our eyes met and she gave me a kiss on the lips as I wrapped my arms around her waist. We pulled apart and smiled at each other.


“Would you like to go on a date with me, Valentine?” I asked slurring the sentence. She laughed a note cocked her head.


“Hm, let me think about it.” she bit her bottom lip. Damn she’s so hot right now. She giggles a bit as I rolled my eyes, smiling. “Sure, when?”


“Tomorrow night.” I told her slightly swaying her body with my arms still around her waist.


“So, what are we gonna do?” she purses lips and her hands interlocking around my neck.


“It’s a surprise.”


“My gosh, I don’t like surprises Harry.” She whined, giving her face a little cute scrunch. She then looked up in annoyance and gave up trying to get me to tell her what I am planning. We leaned in for another lingering kiss, and didn’t care if anyone was looking.


“Ugh, get a room you two.” An Irish voice fake gagged. We turned to him smiling. Molly had crutches under her arms and she was smiling, rolling her eyes at Niall. I kissed Hailey again to annoy Niall.


“Um, okay…” she giggled, shocked by the sudden kiss.


I walked Hailey to my car and drove her home. When we arrived, I jogged to her side to opened the door for her. She blushed and rolled her eyes.


“What?” I wondered about her eye gesture.


“Since when did you open doors for girls?” she said lacing her fingers into mines. I smiled.


“How would you know if I never opened doors for girls?” I mocked walking to her to her front steps. She sniffs and unlocks her door. The familiar smell of lavender filled my nostril and Hailey hung her coat on the rack next to the door.


“Honey, is that you?” Her mom said from the kitchen. She suddenly appears wiping her hands on a cloth.


“No mom, I’m not here.” Hailey said sarcastically giving her mom a hug. I told Hailey I have to go so I just gave her a peck on the lips. After that she ran halfway up the stairs, turned to me, smiled, and then continued. Now I was in the room with her mum. Ms. V forced a smile for me.


“How is convincing her to go?” she asks nervously. I shrugged and shook my head.


“But don’t worry, I’m not giving up. Hopefully tomorrow will change her mind. I promise.” I spoke in a hush tone, making sure Hailey couldn’t hear. “I’m sorry to mention this but the absolute deadline for the trip is next week. Are you able to fund her Ms. V?” I pursed my lips. She sighs and from her expression, I could tell she doesn’t have the money.


“I’m working on it sweets. I’m halfway there. The only option I have if I can’t make it in time is to borrow from a close personal friend.” She fiddled with the cloth she still has in her hands. I couldn’t help but feel bad for her. She seems really desperate.




*** The Next Day***


Hailey’s POV


I got ready for the date Harry is going to take me on. He said to wear something really nice. The only really nice thing I have is a dress I bought a while back from Forever 21. I never really went anywhere fancy like weddings, sweet 16s, dates… Since I can’t decide what to wear, I applied some makeup. It took awhile until I got it to be just right. I’m not good at this at all so I played it safe and did a pinned up look and had my hair curled normally.


Suddenly, my phone rang. It was harry. I pressed answer, excited to see if he will spill on what we’re doing/going tonight.


“Hey.” I started taking a seat on my bed where my kitten, Dusty, was lying on. I picked him up and gently placed him on my lap, petting him. He purred softly.


“Hi love.” He said in his sexy British voice. I couldn’t help but blush like crazy to the sound of his voice.


“So are you going to tell me what we are doing tonight?” I hoped, biting my lip. I heard him chuckle on the other side.


“No way princess.” He rejected. He just called me princess! That’s so cute! I groaned. “Did you get dressed yet?” he asked me.


“Nope, got nothing to wear.” I sighed.


“Good.” He said to my surprise.


“Well you’re a good boyfriend.” I rolled my eyes. He chuckles again. Dusty hopped off my lap and went to play with his toys on the ground.


“Go downstairs and open your front door.” Harry suggested. I stood up frowning.




“Just go.” I grinned and ran downstairs, excited. I bet he’s outside! When I opened the door, Harry wasn’t there. I frowned again and noticed a medium size box lying on the doormat.


“Harry…” I began.


“Just open it.” He clearly knows I see the box. Grabbing the box, I went back to my room, hesitating to rip it open. I mean, this could be a prank and something could pop out. This is Harry freaking Styles. Bad boy and player. Speaking of him being a player, a sudden negative feeling rushed through my body. I shook it off and remember how it feels when he kisses me, and looks at me.


“Ok I’m gonna open it. Nothing better pop out at me Styles.” I warned as he laughs a bit. I put the phone between my shoulder and cheeks so my hands would be free. Taking a pen I found on my desk, I poked a hole on the tape and slid it down the center to cut it. I took a deep breath and opened it. My eyes widened, almost filled with tears as I gasp. Inside was a dress. A dress that probably cost more than my entire wardrobe. It was red silk, armless dress, with a beautiful pattern in the corset area up to the top. I could tell Harry was smiling though the phone. “Harry no, I can’t.” I ran my hands along the dress, hoping not to ruin anything so perfect.


“No can do love.” He refuses clicking his tongue.




“No buts. It’s your dress now and you deserve to wear it okay?” his voice sounded sweet and it gave me shivers. I tilted my head up to keep the tears in my eyes.


“You’re going to make me ruin my makeup Styles.” I gave a pathetic laugh. The dress is so perfect and I can’t believe he bought it for me just like that. I could hear him breathing a smile.


“I don’t care, you’ll still be beautiful. Now, get dress and I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”


“Okay.” I whispered as a tear of happiness rolled down my eyes.




A familiar car engine noise came from outside and I rushed to my window and saw Harry coming out of the car in a fine black suit. He looked really handsome and sophisticated. Before heading downstairs, I stared at myself long and hard at the dress he bought because I still couldn’t make out a single flaw to it.


“You look beautiful honey, don’t worry.” My mother cooed, lighted stroking my hair trying not to ruin the slight curls. The second she saw me in this dress just a bit before, she almost burst into tears. “Now don’t keep that boy waiting any longer.” She smiles. I turned to her and she gave me a long hug that was unexpected to her.


I took a breath and opened my front door and revealed myself to Harry. A smile crept onto his lips and he stood up stair near the passenger’s seat. He looked as shock as I was when I saw myself in this dress. Harry was speechless by the time I reached him. I felt my cheeks getting hot and I was blushing. The cologne he was wearing smelt manly and sexy at the same time.


“You look-”


“Don’t say beautiful.” I playfully rolled my eyes. “That’s what all clichéd movies say.” Harry chuckled with his hands in his pocket while looking down for a bit.


“You look absolutely, positively…” he began smiling as my heart rose. “Horrid.” and then it dropped to his joked.


“Nice way to ruin the moment Styles” he laughs and opens the door for me to get in. That was a kind gesture. Harry jogged to his side and the engine was still going.


“But really, you look beautiful tonight.” He complimented leaning in for a kiss. The kiss was lingering and breathe taking, literally. I chuckled at the smear lip gloss on Harry’s face and wiped it off with my thumbs before rubbing it off of myself.




Harry told me to close my eyes and I did. The car came to a sudden stop and I heard his seatbelt being unbuckled first, then mines.


“Can I open them now?” I asked pouting. He kissed my pouty lips.


“No.” I groaned. The door on his side opened and then closed. “Watch your step.” He opened my door and held my arm. “No peaking.” I giggled. An instant breeze played on my skin and I could smell something that I couldn’t make out. I frowned. Harry guided me to where ever. “Ok, you can open them now.” I smiled and eagerly shot my eyes wide open. Blinking a few times trying to adjust, I didn’t know if I was seeing things or not. I saw a beautiful mini cruise ship and the smell I smelt was the ocean. The entrance read L’Roseline, which I’m pretty sure it reads The Roseline in French.


Staring at Harry long and hard, he smirked and hooked my arm. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I gasp and the décor on the ship. Christmas lights dangled from the top and railings. Candles were lit everywhere and the sound of classical music played. My eyes circled from corner to corner until I looked at every single part of where I was.


“Do zou have a reservation?” a bald, middle aged man asked in his French accent.


“Yes, company of 2 for Styles.” Harry said in his most grown up voice as possible. I giggled at his version of sophistication. The man looked through a book and his eyes glistened when he found the name.


“Ah oui, Mr. and Mrs. Styles. Right this way.” We followed him and I softly elbowed Harry in the ribs.


“Mr. and Mrs? We’re 17 and dated for 2 weeks and a half.” I playfully rolled my eyes.


“We’re almost 18 Valentine to be corrected.” He smirked. I love the way we always call each other by our surnames. Sounds of glasses cheering and utensils clinging against plates softly played in my ears. The environment was quite calming and relaxing, but still intimidating because everything was really fancy and expensive.


Harry and I sat at our table. It was the perfect spot on the deck and the tables were generously spaced out nicely. He said all meal was planned ahead and it was from the recommendation of the chef. I as pretty please with how well Harry had planned this night out. He is showing an unnatural amount of maturity.




Dinner was finished and we were working on the desert. The food was absolutely amazing. Harry is amazing. Hopefully, this is not just that honeymoon stage where we spoil each other, talk endlessly on the phone, and be all lovey dovey until we get too close and just not care anymore.


“Harry, I really appreciate all of this, and I love this night so much, but please don’t think you have to do things like this for me to like you.” I put down my desert fork and put on a straight face. Harry cleared and throat and took my hands into his.


“What’s the point of having a girlfriend if I can’t make her feel like a princess?” he asked. I rolled my eyes playfully again, smiling. “Do you really like all this? I mean the nice French food, waiters with funny accents, and an atmosphere like this?”


“Of course, and thank you for it.” I smiled. He really outdid himself for the first official date.


“Then come to Paris with me.” He said. My smile slowly faded. Not because I was unhappy, but because I knew I couldn’t go. “Please. You can enjoy all of this, with me there in 2 weeks time.” his voice softened as his green eyes pierced into mines.


“Harry I don’t have money.” I sighed gripping onto his hands a little tighter.


“Don’t worry about that love. I’ve talked to your mum and she said she has the money. She wanted it to be a surprised, but I asked if I could surprise you instead.” I was shocked by his words. Happy and confused at the same time. I didn’t know what to feel.


“You talked to my mom?” I asked.


“Yes, she heard about the trip and I couldn’t help but ask if you could go. She said you could and it was a miracle she had enough money to fund you.” He smiled. I smiled back at him, feeling so happy. I don’t want to leave my mom at home, but I think 2 weeks away from her wouldn’t hurt.


“Alright Styles.” I nodded. Harry’s eyes became brighter and he jumped out of his seat to kiss me.




On the way home, Harry said he needed to stop by his house for a bit and get something. I waited in the car for him, almost about to fall asleep until he opened the driver’s door and got in.


“Did you find what you were looking for?” I asked with my voice raspy from being tired.


“No, but that doesn’t matter. Let’s get you home, you look tired.” He stroked my cheeks as my eyes flutter shut, seeing him last.


Harry woke me up, telling me we’re home. Harry walked me to my front door and helped me inside making sure I can keep my balance. My mom who was reading on the singular couch greeted us.


Ms. V’s POV


Harry helped my daughter, who was half asleep, in. I got up and immediately walked towards them, telling Harry I could take Hailey from there up to her room. He nodded and waited until we were upstairs. I guided Hailey to the bed and took off her heels.


“Some night huh?” I joked, trying not to be too loud. Her eyes were dropping but she nodded. “You can get dressed into pajamas yourself right honey?” she nodded again and walked to her closet herself, almost bumping into her dresser. Hailey came back out in shorts and her shirt on backwards. I chuckled to myself and tucked her in after she climbed into bed. As I was kissing her on her forehead goodnight, she pulled in for a hug.


“Thank you so much mom. I love you.” She said. Even though I didn’t know what she was thanking me for, I just smiled and stroke her head softly twice and left her room. Why was she thanking me? On the way downstairs, Harry was not there anymore so he must’ve gone home. I was getting tired myself so I went to turn off the lamp next to the place I was reading. But before I did, an envelope that wasn’t there before caught my eyes. Picking it up, I read the back to reveal whom it was from and to. To Ms. V it said so I carefully opened it. The first thing I pulled out was a letter.


Dear Ms. V,


I have convinced Hailey to go on the Paris trip. She’s really excited about it actually. Anyways, I told her that you have the money to fund her and was keeping it a surprise. I know you might be wondering, what money? In the envelope, there’s a check for the total $3000. You can keep the money you earned for safekeeping. Don’t you worry about a thing. Money isn’t a big problem to my family, so I am more than glad to help out. Please don’t try to return the money; I will not take it back under any circumstances. To repay me, just keep yourself and Hailey happy. That’s all I’m asking for. Take care.




A tear of happiness rolled down my cheek as I took the check out and held it in my hand.


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