Alex Parson Was completely and utterly in love with Harry styles.... We'll she thought. After breaking it off with him she hopes for her life to be back to normal, but when Niall comes into the picture her life turns upside down. There will be love, loss, anger, drama, a love triangle and feelings sparked up from memories

But most of all she will be completely and utterly Torn.


3. Hurt

Harry's P.O.V

"Harryyyyyyy" whined Louis

"What Lou?"

"Can u get us some coffee? I'll love you forever and ever boo-bear!" I laughed

"Aww Lou I thought you already did love me" I put a hand over my heart dramatically

"Of course I did harry. Pleeaseee" he pouted and his eyes went big "pwease" he whispered in a baby voice

"Argh fine" I couldn't really be bothered but I managed to get off the couch and make my way to the door I grabbed a jacket and my car keys and made my way out.

"Thankyou haz....." I cut him off by shutting the door, I chuckled to myself


It was pouring with rain by the time I made it to the coffee shop I hoped it was still open or I would go home to a whining louis,

I saw a figure starting to close the door and quickly rushed to the girl

Next thing I know she turns around and bumps right into me.....

Alex's P.O.V

A mix of emotions crossed his face anger, sadness, confusion then all I could see was pain.

His curly hair was sticking around his face I hadn't even noticed it was raining

"Alex?" He whispered

I was confused what was he doing here? After we broke up I asked him not to talk to me again because I knew it would just hurt both of us more. I even moved to west London for Pete's sake! Just so I wouldn't run into him like I am how....... I was so lost I thought I forgot he was sanding there

"Uh.....Hi" I smiled sheepishly

He stared at me with a blank expression

"Um do you wanna come inside?"

It was silent for a few seconds only the sound of pouring rain around us

He nodded his head slightly and I led him inside my heartbeat going a million miles per hour.

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