Alex Parson Was completely and utterly in love with Harry styles.... We'll she thought. After breaking it off with him she hopes for her life to be back to normal, but when Niall comes into the picture her life turns upside down. There will be love, loss, anger, drama, a love triangle and feelings sparked up from memories

But most of all she will be completely and utterly Torn.


2. Eyes

Authors note: ok so here's the second chapter and sorry if it's too short hope u guys enjoy :)

P.s sorry for the spelling hehe

5 months later.....

Alex's P.O.V

"Jasmineeeee" I cooed "what Alex!" She yelled " get of your ass and come help me" I yelled while half laughing, jas was my best friend she was like a sister to me. We were so close it was scary, we know everything about each other.

We worked at Starbucks together and she's not exactly the working type, right now she was sitting in the supply room painting her nails, she was a real girly girl while I was the more laid back type.

"Arghhhh Fineeeee " she said dragging the words the same as her feet she slowly made her way over to me and started making coffees.

It was a quiet afternoon and we weren't really busy there was one person in the shop who just came for the free wifi "it's people like that who are running down the production of coffee!!" I said rather loudly pointing my index finger at the girl who turned around and gave me a glare.

Jasmine flipped her ponytail, I'm not usually the jealous type but man! Jasmine was a looker, she had long blond hair that reached halfway down her back, her face was flawless and she had full lips that were always coated in strawberry lipgloss.

I however was just plain boring I had brown hair that was slightly wavy that reached just above my bum, the only thing special about me was my eyes they were golden brown and changed colour depending on what mood I was in,

We were chatting about nothing in particular when rush hour hit, by that I mean when everyone finishes their never ending job and needs a coffee hit to bring them back to reality.

We were rushing around serving people it was only a tiny Starbucks hence only me and Jas on shift but it could fill up quickly,


After closing up I started heading to my flat I shared with Jasmine she left an hour before me, being the manager means I have to clean up, I let out a big sigh, exhausted after today

I locked up

And closed The door and just as I turned around I collided with something.

I looked up into those eyes the eyes that held so many of my secrets, the eyes that I fell in love with, the eyes that I made cry tears of pain

Harry's eyes.

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